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Create and share custom maps and missions for Monaco. All the tools used to build the official campaign missions and stories are available! Click here for a fan's guide to using the in-game editor.
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Goobertron's Monaco Maps
Collection by Goobertron
This is a collection of the maps I have created for Monaco. It currently includes a Free For All (FFA) and a 2v2 variation of a balanced and symmetrical PvP map, an open and team oriented survival map, and a simple achievement map. More maps may be added i
My Maps!
Collection by eXpo
A quick way for you to grab all of my Monaco maps, more will be added as they are created.
Monaco - RH's PvP Maps
Collection by Vanquish
Карты Тёмного Рыцаря Monaco
Collection by <REDACTED>
Карты Monaco/Map Monaco.
Collection by LeilongXT
Puzzle Room I-V
Collection by Space Lapin
A compilation of all Puzzle Room maps. (Including the Corridoor of Time)
ultimate zombies
Collection by Harraximo
zombie survival
Stealth/No Item Contest (Winter 2016/2017)
Collection by pocico
These are the maps used in the Stealth/No Item contest, which is a part of the Monaco 2016 Winter Contest. You can run any and as many maps as you like. The winner will be the team or person who has the best time. Submit your screenshot in this thread by t
My first
Collection by Drumfreakk
Dis iz just sum monaco stuf
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