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Swords of Ares Revived
Collection by [SoA] Broga
The Colonel, now the president of the newly established Country of Legionary Revan, has decided to call upon his loyal swords once again to defend the new homeland.
1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One" | Arma 3
Collection by M. Cline
Come join the 1st Infantry Division "The Big Red One" in game and on teamspeak 3 TeamSpeak 3:
5th Cav Secondary Server
Collection by DaddySchmoock
Mods for the 5th Cav Secondary Server
AGC Collection
Collection by Speeds
1st Special Operations Detachment- Delta Squad Mods
Collection by Hakuna Matata Dinkleberg
Mods for the 1st Special Operations Detachment- Delta squad Thank you to all mod makers for providing this content and for making the community a better place
Endless Skirmish Sandbox
Collection by Chunkinator
Endless Skirmish Sandbox missions are defined by endlessly respawning blufor and opfor forces will converging for a constant dynamic battle. Both sides will occasionally get support vehicles such as faction specifc weaponised cars aswell as helicopters. Th
Iron Malden
Collection by Se'Kara
Following a period of unrest, US forces have moved into key positions on the island nation of Malden. This unilateral action has received lukewarm support from the international community and NATO, while condemning the US for acting without prior approv
Collection by Mr.Tun
Greek Army Mod Pack
Collection by GottRev
=== Every required mod for the Hellenic Army server ===
Türk-Turan-Realism-Coop Takistan
Collection by GalipGS
CFOR - 8
Collection by << Riper >>
23 Dag Ve Komando Tugayı
Collection by [ÖKT]Memati
Kurucularmız= Emir .İsa.Emircan.Enes Herkesi Bekleriz İyi Oyunlar
Collection by [1stEPI] Rommel
Task Force 11 Bravo Collection
Collection by DocHoliday
This is the standard collection of mods to be used in our milsim events. Some mods may be added or removed to make sure to pay attention to the TF11B discord for community announcements.
BFT Operations
Collection by Mannulus
2RIMa Priv
Collection by [2RIMa]-Papa Bear
Collection du 2RIMa Gaming pour le serveur Privé.
[BBHC] Schlachtfeld Nord Public | Optional Mods
Collection by [BBHC] BrainP4in
TRGM2 Takistan
Collection by ☠ ᗷᑌᔕᕼᗰᗩᑎ ☠
Mods required to join us for Operations in Takistan
365G - Elenas' Trident Modpack
Collection by Elena
365 Gaming Community Zeus Campaign Server von Elena - Modpack für Trident und SPS-Missionen
ST11 Addons
Collection by chinsweatercollective
Addons needed for playing with ST11
Potato and Friends Gaming Night
Collection by Potatoes4Lyfe
List of mods used for gaming nights with potato and his team of lads :)
Collection by Jeza
RCB Server
Delta Six Contracting PMC Mod Pack
Collection by Zombie Cat
This is the collection of mods used in Arma 3 operations for Delta Six Contracting.
Revolution of Gamers
Collection by Nivek4k
TS IP : Oder : SERVER IP : Komm auf unserem RP server ohne Whitelist
46th Brigade Infantry Modpack Milsim Server
Collection by Kevin
This is the 46th Marine Brigade MilSim Modpack.
Collection by [CPA10][PAPAIL]Diverin
Mode pour opération CPA10
Kern Unit Mod List
Collection by HANS
Kern Unit modlist
MilitaryRP by EGM
Collection by Vaniliepudding [EGM]
1st Marine Expeditionary Force Mod List
Collection by [1st MEF]Gingerangel
Pathfinder Platoon Mod Pack
Collection by Ewan_JK
For installation by all members of the Pathfinder Platoon
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