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Arcane Bullet

Once taught to all military mages as a standard ruination spell. Arcane Bullet is brutal at the cost of little magic focus.

Ebony Sword

This looks like a beautifully crafted Ebony weapon.

Beggars Armor

For a beggar, you dress awfully flashy!

Darco Sword

Managed to pick up a Darco soldiers sword. The Darco army doesn't seem to do much...

Papa's Axe

He may be losing his beans, but he's your papa! He gave you his old axe to go fight monsters!

Weirstone Armor

The Darik Goblins had a strange but chic sense of fashion! Oh, the armor is very sturdy too... Don't lose it.

Stream of Abyss

All of the bad guys came from a different plane of existence. The spell is a gust of wind, that comes from their plane.

Molten Barrage

It's hot. Not just because its a fire ball ruination spell, but it looks snazy too.

Corrosive Blast

One of the more strange ruination spells. Corrosive Blast, seems to have a liquid like material spawned from the ether and singes away earthly matter.

Rock Toss

No more bending over to pick a rock to throw! You can now just spawn it from nothing, and whip it at your foes. Well not nothing, you need magic... But it's still cool!

Battle Armor

Unlike the sword of this armor set, many of the city guards of Volkstein wore this intimidating armor. Probably explains why people ran from the guards when monsters roamed about. The set is as powerful as it is daunting.

Ebony Armor

Not sure why the king didn't want his soldiers to wear the Ebony armor. It's clearly less scary looking than the Battle armor. It would have definitely been better for public relations! Nice job finding a fitted set.

Ruins Armor

More ancient than the constructs that haunt the old ruins, this Dwarven armor piece is very well intact. The head piece is a little loose for your human skull, but manages to stay in place... You have a big head.

Mage Armor

This lightly plated garment gives off a powerful encouragement of magical abilities to individual wearing it. Hopefully, you fare better than the previous owner...

Darco Armor

The Darco's sure do know how to outfit their soldiers. The outfit is surprisingly sturdy.

Battle Sceptre

This stick has a blade and a strange crystal ball at the end of it... Might be worthless, but it's your junk now!

Fire Sword

Rumored to be carried by the old King Beniel of the Dwarven Kingdom. You seemed to have debunked the myth, and found the rumors to be true. It is now carried by you.

Battle Sword

Upon your travels, you stumbled upon a military issued sword. The Battle Sword was to be carried by all Volkstein warriors, but the kingdom fell before the soldiers could be outfitted with them.

Weirstone Hammer

You found a legendary hammer, crafted by the old Darik Goblins.

Ruins Sword

While adventuring one of the old Dwarven ruins, you've found an intact Dwarven sword.

Elgr's Fury

King Elgr machinated this spell in a last ditch effort to banish Ouvbane many many years ago. Ouvbane developed a slight immunity to it's full effect over that time. For all the other baddies out there... They don't stand a chance against this spell.


This looks like it does something useful if you hit rocks with it. Not really big ones.. I guess you could try. Whatever you do with it, it belongs to you now.

Elemental Displacement

Now imagine being burned, chilled, shocked, and slapped/punched/kicked in the face at once. That sounds terrible. This spells just burns/shocks/freezes you at the same time. That also sounds terrible.