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Bleach vs One Piece Reborn
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Bleach vs One Piece Reborn

Bleach vs One Piece Reborn is a fast paced hero arena. It features heroes with custom models and skills. Defeat your enemies with altered DotA items and reach the win condition to win the game.

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  • The first team to reach the win condition wins.

Important mechanics:
  • You gain 25 mana on autoattack.
  • You don't lose any gold on death.
  • The respawn time is always 3 seconds.
  • You gain 1 medal for each killed hero.
  • Duels every 4 minutes.

Important locations:
  • Sidebosses at the top left and right (2min. respawn).
  • Bottom left/right waygate gives you access to an extra area with stronger enemies and the Secret Shop.
  • Miniboss in extra area (1min. respawn, up to 10 times).
  • Bottom middle waygate leads you to the 'Divine Rapier'. Access only at level 20+.
  • Top middle waygate gives you access to an extra area with even stronger enemies and a boss that gives essence.
  • Side shop located at the top of your base.

  • Use your medals and essence regularly.
  • Deny yourself to neutrals if you're in a pinch.
  • Use the waygates located at the bottom of your base to move quickly across the map.
  • There is a fountain in the middle that will gradually heal everyone and gives truesight.
  • Try to regularly kill the sidebosses as their reward increases each respawn.
  • The 'Mimic' and 'Maximillian Bladebane' respawn after 3min.
  • The 'Forgotten One' respawns after 4min.

Custom model with unique skills and mechanics.
Currently 44 available heroes:
Shinobu, Ichigo, Enel, Ace, Mihawk, Orihime, Ishida, Yamamoto, Zaraki, Luffy, Zoro,
Crocodile, Soifon, Byakuya, Toshiro, Rukia, Hollow Ichigo, Megumin, Lucci, Moria, Sanji,
Usopp, Nami, Aokiji, Yoruichi, Kuma, Brook, Robin, Ikkaku, Tousen, Renji, Sado, Squall,
Mayuri, Whitebeard, Law, Aizen, Rory, Ulquiorra, Anzu, Rem, Kiss-shot, Akainu, Perona

A big thank you to C-Hao Art for the preview artwork. Please visit his blog [] and facebook[].
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Oleg Dammer
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fix talent lifesteal pls
Toxic sup Mar 31 @ 7:57pm 
doing great job man but please either put on some more work on the map or let somebody help you take over it. we all love this map so please lets improve it
12 Mar 31 @ 8:01am 
You're doing ana amazing job s far Oleg! Keep on!
Vitamin C Mar 24 @ 3:21pm 
UKAUKI Mar 24 @ 1:10pm 
talent life steal bug plz update more
don老 Mar 23 @ 3:10am 
fix your bug man
RnZ Mar 23 @ 1:34am 
Vinao Mar 21 @ 8:13pm 
It feels like a dota nightmare...
ŘË:ŞpĄWÑ Mar 17 @ 3:15am 
plz update more hero
99 Mar 5 @ 8:19am 
fix lvl