Fractal Space

Fractal Space

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Experimental Builds
By Haze Games
If you're interested in testing new features in advance, you'll need to access an Experimental Build (a.k.a "EXP builds"). This guide shows you how to access them!

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Experimental Branch
Follow the steps below to access the Experimental Branch.

  • 1. Open Steam Games library
  • 2. Right Click on the game Fractal Space
  • 3. Click on Properties

  • 1. In the new Properties window, click the Beta tab
  • 2. Enter the password fractalexperiment in the Access Code field
  • 3. Click the Check Code button

You should then be notified that you have access to a new branch:

  • 1. Use the list to switch from NONE to experimental
  • 2. Close the window
The game starts downloading the Experimental Build, and the title in the library is now:

You now have access to the Experimental Builds! Now, you should wait for the download to finish.
First Launch
Experimental versions have build names finishing by "_exp". You may have errors when launching the game due to incompatible save games from the default branch.

The first time you launch the experimental build, you should do the following:
  • 1. Launch the game
  • 2. When the Auto-Save warning is displayed, press TAB to show the Main Menu
  • 3. Click the !Reset Save! button in the Main Menu
  • 4. Click the OK button for the appearing Pre-Alpha popup
  • 5. Click the New Game button