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Dino Hybrids & more!
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Dino Hybrids & more!

Mod ID: 1558114752

Create your own unique hybrids consisting of multiple dinos!
This Mod comes with a complete genetics system and 11 hybrids (more will be added over time).
Most of the hybrids are available in 3 variations: Standard, Aberrant & Extinction.
Unlike most mods, that add new dinos with new abilities, this mod is meant to be perfectly balanced for vanilla pve & pvp!
Hybrids cannot be breed or cloned and will always be female.

The aim of this Mod is to enhance the late game and give people more practical uses for endgame resources!
If you feel like you should be able to create your first hybrids earlier in the game, you are free to overwrite the level requirements for the workbenches, that are needed to start!

Part of this mod is a chemical system that is a key element in creating hybrids.
This chemical system comes with a lot of potentials, which will come to use in the near future.
The following Items/Gear is already available, more will come (If you don\'t like this you can easily disable it via Ini-Setting):
- Carbon Grappling Hook (an advanced hook that can be reused, however, due to the additional mechanisms to rear it back in, it uses more durability)
- Carbon Armor: This armor is a nice and durable alternative to Swat. It comes with a set bonus that slightly boosts your movement speed and weight if you wear all 5 pieces.

Trough chemistry and a lot of resources you are also able to summon a wild reaper or Phoenix on any map and tame it afterward! This gives all players that don\'t have Scorched Earth or Aberration a chance to tame these rare creatures. Maybe you will need them for your next hybrid? :)

Additionally planned features:
- integrated tutorial and UI
- research system. Future hybrids may be even harder to create! Some might need excessive research before you can actually create the needed DNA!
- while hybrids will have 0 Chance to Mutate through normal means. You will be able to refine DNA and possibly create mutations of said hybrids. These hybrids will not only be slightly stronger, but they will also have a different appearance and optical differences.
- many more hybrids are planned! Not only flyers or land dinos also underwater hybrids.
- in the future, some hybrids are planned to be locked behind an own boss that must be summoned and defeated!
- the integrated chemical system will offer additional Gear, Weapons and Ammo. All of these will have their pros and cons and be balanced for a nice pvp environment while also offering uses for pve players.

This Mod comes with very few engrams and only a few core structures. The rest of the science will be done by you!

Please Note: This Mod is optimized for Multiplayer! Certain Functions might not work in Singleplayer as of now.

If you want to learn more about this mod check out my "wiki" here:
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Troodon extraction fluid . .
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ttvtinywytchling 13 hours ago 
hi! i was just curious when the update for the Feathercat will be added to the wiki? just wanted some more info on it!
BloodyDog Jan 24 @ 11:13pm 
Rex Raptor Managarm Electroforus Spino
Don’t take dna as if it’s the wrong bottle
it's only those that I stumbled upon
MariusDarkblade Jan 20 @ 10:33am 
nevermind, it popped up later. i guess it was a larger mod that took longer to install.
MariusDarkblade Jan 20 @ 9:04am 
mod isnt showing up in my mod list. did i do something wrong or is it under a different name in the mod list?
ninthgate_ Jan 18 @ 10:46am 
How do you make Hydrogen?
FillMeUpDaddy Jan 14 @ 1:47am 
omg... I'm stupid:steamhappy:
Revy  [author] Jan 14 @ 12:53am 
Or you could simply read & visit the website...
FillMeUpDaddy Jan 13 @ 10:03pm 
like the idea of the mod
but I'm a noob I need instruction if not step by step, at least the basic mechanism or at least gimme the spawn code to experiment with .. THX
gwSenpai007 Jan 13 @ 6:51pm 
Can you make an indo-nonychus? that would be cool, maybe enhance it's abilities to glide better?
Revy  [author] Jan 13 @ 12:01am 
Jalisar, actually I will do a Indominus, I leaked it in my DC. It might be not everyone’s Dream Indominus, but it’s gonna be mine and he will have some beafy abilities :D. Will take quite some time until he comes into beta on my servers though.