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OCC's Steam Greenlight Spotlight
2 Mart 2013 - [= ClayMeow =]

This week's OCC Steam Greenlight Spotlight is Stardew Valley, an open-world adventure RPG and country-life simulator. While many may compare it to the Harvest Moon series, I liken it to a mix between Terraria and Farmville (but in a good way). Oh, and it supports up to four players in online or LAN co-op!

Check it out:

23 Şubat 2013 - [= ClayMeow =]

This week's spotlight is Hammerwatch, a Gauntlet-inspired dungeon crawler that supports up to four-person co-op via local, LAN, or online! It also features a map editor!

If you have fond memories of the original Gauntlet games, you will definitely want to check this out:

16 Şubat 2013 - [= ClayMeow =]

This week I have a little something for anyone who always wanted to become a superhero (or supervillain). Project Awakened not only allows you to create your own character, but also allows you to create your own abilities and superpowers. Choose the targeting type, what effects will occur (of which you can choose multiple), and the type of each effect - then customize the sights and sounds as well!

The game won't be finished until 2014, but the videos of what can be done are already quite impressive.

Read all about it here:

11 Şubat 2013 - [= ClayMeow =]

This week's spotlight is a first-person adventure game set in an abandoned building (and your nightmares). Solve puzzles, discover who you are and where you are, and maybe escape?

Be sure to check out the spotlight for all the details and don't forget to vote Yes:

3 Şubat 2013 - [= ClayMeow =]

Now that Steam has added "Announcements" to collections, might as well utilize it!

This week's spotlight is a 2D horror platform game called Knock-Knock, in development at Ice-Pick Lodge, the developers behind The Void and Cargo! The Quest for Gravity (plus a non-Steam game called Pathologic that received high praise in Russia).

Read the spotlight here:

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