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Vampires: Guide Them to Safety!
22 octombrie, 2014 - JanKavan

Dear community!

It has been incredibly long 2 years waiting for a greenlight and to be honest, I already gave up.
To my surprise you all managed to push us through and the game was greenlit last friday.

Since then we've ugnited a super crunch mode and spent a lot of time improving the game for you!

The game is live and we did improve it from the older version in quite a few aspects.
We now support achievements, trading cards, cloud saves, user stats and leaderboards.

This means that even if you finish a level on a gold medal, an entirely new level of challenge opens up -
try to beat the time of the best players. :)

You can also get a soundtrack as DLC offered as MP3 and 24bit FLAC files.

I hope we did what we could to justify this re-release. We are currently working on first localizations
(German, Czech, Hungarian) which we can do mostly in-house and test if people are interested in
localized versions. :)

Thank you so much and now - please head to our shiny new steam page:


5 ianuarie, 2013 - JanKavan

We've released an Android version of the game! Now our vampires suck more than ever. :)

Check out Google Play.

Full version

Free trial version

7 decembrie, 2012 - JanKavan

We've just released an iOS version of Vampires! under the name "Crazy Vampires". For now the game is compatible with iPhone 4 and higher, iPad 2 and higher and iPod Touch 5th gen. We are working on backward compatibility with 256 MB RAM devices.

Free version:

Full version ($1.99):


24 noiembrie, 2012 - JanKavan

says a brand new awesome review of Vampires! by Chris Turton @ True PC Gaming. So what are you waiting for?

16 noiembrie, 2012 - JanKavan

CBE software is proud to share the very first three reviews which speaks highly about the game. Take a look yourself and read what the press thinks of the game!

"All in all, I’d say there’s plenty of fun to be had in guiding drunk vampires to their crypts, because even if certain levels are a bit overwhelming, in my experience, it never got to the point where I simply had no choice but to abandon the poor vampires.."

"Vampires! stands out with its brain-teasing difficulty which creates the one-more-level-feeling of yesteryear. With a cute presentation it might look like a casual game but it’s a devious puzzler for the hardcore who like to use both their brain halves and have quick reflexes".

"There is a lot of content on offer with over sixty levels to choose from and a well balanced difficulty curve."

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