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Ether One
17 март 2014 - BeardBurger

Hey everyone!

We are proud to announce that today we have launched our launch trailer for Ether One which is due for release on 25th March 2014. The trailer can be found over on youtube as well as on our greenlight page and main website.

We are also happy to announce that the game is ready for pre-order from our main website either directly from us or from a variety of different distributors all of which come with Steam Keys upon release.

Please head over to http://www.ether-game.com and check out all the new screenshots and footage. As mentioned in a previous post our pre-order deluxe edition of Ether One comes with the following goodies:

  • The OST of Ether One
  • The Strange Tale of Byron Spencer – A comic by Mark Penman and Andrew Tunney
  • The game script
  • Exclusive artwork

You can also pick up the soundtrack from bandcamp here - http://njapostol.bandcamp.com/album/ether-one

Thank you for all the support!

The White Paper Games team - Pete, Ben, OJ, NJ, Marcus, James and Dave

26 февруари 2014 - Pete_Bottomley

Hey all!!

We've finally been able to announce the release date for Ether One which is the 25th March!!

We're super excited to be able to show you guys the game we've been working on solidly for the last two years and the game that got Greenlit with help from all of you!! So thank you very much!!

So here it is:

Ether One Teaser Trailer [www.ether-game.com]

We will be feeding out more news over the next few weeks so be sure to keep an eye out for all of that! If you have any questions please fire away because we'd love to fill you guys in on what we're up to and answer any queries you all might have.

If you want any extra information we also posted a small update on our blog that you can get to from the link above about our release and events we'll be attending.

Thank you so much for all your support guys!!


20 декември 2013 - BeardBurger

Hey everyone! We hope you are all excited for the holidays - I know that we are at White Paper Games. We haven't updated in quite a while since the game was greenlit and we showcased at Rezzed - but today we have a BRAND NEW update explaining where we are in development, how things are coming along as well as brand new screenshots and music to enjoy. It is quite a detailed post and should give you plenty of information on how our year has gone and why we are looking forward to 2014. Check it out!


15 юни 2013 - BeardBurger

Hey guys,

So.. It's official! We have now been Greenlit!! Wooo!! Thank you all so SO much for voting for us and pushing our game out to all your friends and to anyone else that would listen. It's such a relief for us knowing that we're now going to be releasing on such a huge platform such as Steam. It came as a total surprise to us all and kind of caught us off guard. We've been waiting and watching through many different Greenlight batches and seen some awesome titles get through. Thanks to the guys at Valve, our time came this week!

The development has not stopped though and we're not celebrating just yet! We've got the Rezzed game show coming up next weekend (22nd + 23rd) down in Birmingham, UK where we are showing the first playable demo of Ether One as part of the Leftfield Collection! This week we've been making lots of tweaks to a (roughly) 45minute playable demo along with a small Oculus Rift demo to showcase at Rezzed too. We're hoping to see lots of you down there and it will be a great chance for us to chat with you all about what we're working on and what we're trying to achieve.

This next week will be crazy busy for us but it's also an exciting time of development for us all. We are hugely grateful and excited to be considered as one of the titles to be Greenlit and although we may not be able to reply to all the comments and enthusiasm you guys are sending our way, we do read them all and it really drives us to keep making sure we're delivering the best game we can to you all.

We wanted to make this thank you a little more meaningful so we cleaned the studio and hid all the leftover food wrapper to create a video that shows just how thankful we are to you all!



28 май 2013 - Pete_Bottomley

It's just been announced that we have been accepted into the Leftfield collection at Rezzed. There are some awesome games in that collection and we feel so privileged to be among them!

So if you're in the UK on the 22nd and 23rd June be sure to stop by our booth and say hey!! We'll have the first public demo of Ether One on the show floor and we're excited for you all to play it!

For more info on the event and the other games go check out the Eurogamer site:


And of course, congrats to all other developers that got in!

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