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Reduction: The Alien Swarm Campaign
June 13, 2015 - XFunc_CaRteR

Tuk Lai is a documentary about some friends playing a double-blind wargame - a semi-fictional military scenario set in Vietnam, 1967.

Filmed in 1997, it's one part realistic operational simulation, one part silly toy soldier fun... with a generous dose of black humour added).... and a rock-and-roll soundtrack!

Watch as Steve and Peter, the Viet Cong players, attempt to infiltrate and destroy an American firebase, commanded by Orion and Jon, while I (Tim "XFunc" Carter) pull gamemaster duty.

May 18, 2015 - XFunc_CaRteR

SERVICES: The CounterStrike Documentary[]

You are about to see what may be one of the most influential documentaries in videogame history... even though it's never been broadcast (until now).

SERVICES: The CounterStrike Documentary[]

It was seen in three places only:

- At its informal premiere at the Toronto Stock Exchange in 2001.

- At Digifest 2003, "Electronic Cities", in Toronto...

- And at Valve, creator of CounterStrike. Valve first saw SERVICES about 2002.

In fact, it was almost broadcast on television, back before Youtube paved the way for game documentaries, but this was blocked because of "flickering screens".

How much has this documentary influenced this history of videogames?

SERVICES: The CounterStrike Documentary

Produced & Directed by Tim Carter

Video Interview by Mike D'Abramo & Tim Carter

Counter-Strike by Valve Software

Special thanks to all the players who participated.

October 31, 2014 - XFunc_CaRteR


Ravenholm... The remote, undead-plagued town from Valve's Half Life 2...

Presided over by the eccentric "Father Grigori"... Its last living occupant...

About a year ago I wandered once more through this place... On that occasion, it was a day after a (real) mass shooting... And I wanted to speak about things...

Follow me now on this Halloween journey... Not only through the zombie-infested ruins of Ravenholm, but through the darker shadows of the human soul...

(Recorded 17 Sept 2013)


April 24, 2014 - XFunc_CaRteR

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Any callsign, come in... We are a transport inbound. ETA 60 hours. Come in, over.

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Any callsign, any callsign, come in... Over...

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Who is this?

[INSLOGVEH-7348_Leviathan]: Good to hear you. We are a longhaul transport, inbound from the Outer Systems. Interstellar Logistics Vehicle 7348: the "Leviathan".

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Uhhh... Leviathan. Wait, out.


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Callsign, can you identify yourself? We've had a hell of a run. Taken heavy damage in transit, so we're limping in. Expect to dock at Omega Station in approximately 60 hours, over.

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Leviathan, what's your situation? What do you carry?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: We lost most of our cargo. We also have an ODM infantry squad on board. We need some assistance, over.

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Uhhh... This is... Look... Did you just say you have a Marine squad on board?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Yes... Who is this?

[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: What is their condition? Are they wounded? Do they have weapons?

[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: They're in rotation out of theatre, but they're in theta sleep. However, our ship has sustained damage. We need assistance. Over.


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Callsign, please identify yourself...


[INSLOG-7348_Leviathan]: Unknown callsign, where is traffic control? Come in, Omega Station...Over...


[CBTTRANS-98703_BigDog]: Leviathan, I am Dropship "BigDog". I'll fill you in on our situation later. Right now, I need you to divert course. I say again: divert from your present course. Will send coordinates for rendezvous. Meet me there. Out.


Reduction has been Greenlit.

Stay tuned for developments...

March 24, 2014 - XFunc_CaRteR

Marines, This Is Command-Control...

Listen up! We've been having some issues with mission coordination. Changes to ORBAT as follows...

Download it here:


Mission 6: Targeting HUD

Some of you grunts weren't aware that you had to actively target-select where Thunderhead's airstrikes hit (not just call them down). To make that painfully fucking obvious, Bugburner is giving you access to our battlespace C2 HUD, so you can see where airstrikes will land! Use this info wisely and call down effective airstrikes! Our flyboys are tired of killing dirt...

Mission 6: Hovercart Damage

All the lead flying around, together with the general hostility of the crawlers in this sector, is starting to show on the hovercart. You'll notice that bullet and drone hits are taking a toll on that thing. Try to keep it going, okay? We have a replacement on backorder, but our log boys tell us it could be months before that arrives (if it ever does).

Mission 6: Repair Proceed Bugfix

For some reason, the repair sequence at the first reload point of Mission 6 would result, now and then, in failure of the hovercart to move forward. Our tech boys have looked into it and fixed that. Shouldn't be an issue anymore. (It damn well better not be an issue...)

Mission 2: Crash Addressed

Abrupt mission failure has sometimes been occurring late in Mission 2. Something to do with the way paraflares are fired. While we don't have coder support, we have implemented a fix, and hopefully you won't experience sudden abort at that point. (We're doin' the best we can with what we've got, okay!...)

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