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Battle Fortress Tortoise
December 20, 2014 - Bad Horsie

BFT Installer []

For those that are curious as to what has happened with BFT, well here is a short update and link to download the playable prototype. While the entire team were thrilled to see BFT be Greenlit, it is our responsibility to the community to not exploit the Greenlight by placing a prototype on the store front. So instead feel free to download and play the prototype right here!

As for BFTs future, all members of the team have since been gainfully employed by a number of studios in the industry. While we would like to continue development, at this time the majority of us are under non-compete clauses and cannot work on a project such as BFT while we are at our respective studios. Having said that, BFT means a lot to us and your responses have shown that you care just as much as we do. Who knows, you may see something from us in the future!

Gabe (Lead Designer)

December 18, 2012 - stekosanovich

We at Battle Fortress Tortoise HQ are elated to see there has been so much excitement around our little project and want to give the community at Steam Greenlight an update. A new gameplay video has been added so you guys can get a better idea of what BFT is like to play.

Just a little back-story, BFT started as a student project with a team passionate about making something new and exciting. At It's current stage BFT serves as a brief, albeit exciting, proof of concept. All of the basics are in place and working, but It's currently a much smaller version of what we would ultimately like to see it become. That's where you come in. Like you, we too would like to see multiplayer, more creatures, and tortoise on tortoise combat. Unfortunately these lofty goals can't be achieved without proper support from the gaming community. We hope that with enough attention and support we can get the resources necessary to make BFT the game we first conjured up many months ago (and being in the top 100 will make that much easier). So tell your friends, and tell them to tell their friends. We can make this happen! Huzzah!

Thanks, Team BFT

PS: Link to our Postmortem on

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