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Richard & Alice
13 février 2014 - horrolivia

So hey, we were greenlit in the last batch. Yes! At the moment we're working with people to add a few cool new things for the Steam release. Achievements! Trading cards! Making a certain easter egg a bit more noticeable! Ben Chandler from Blackwell/Sepulchre, Rhopunzel from Starbound and others are helping out, so hopefully we should have some cool stuff when we launch soon.

If you already own the game on Desura or IndieRoyale, we'll make sure you get a Steam key automatically, and if you bought direct from us or GOG, we'll sort out how to go about doing this for you also. Thanks for all the support so far everyone, looking forward to getting R&A out on here.

(Starbound fans, I'm still totally keeping up with my work on that too, don't worry!)

Much love,

3 octobre 2013 - LewisDenby

We're not on Steam! We'd very much like to be, as you might have guessed from our Greenlight page (hint-hint), but for now we're not - and a lot of other great games aren't either! That's why a whole bunch of us have banded together for the Not On Steam Sale, which offers tens of games at hugely discounted rates.

Richard & Alice itself is 50% off if you buy direct right now from www.richardandalice.com - and all the other games in the NOSS are at least 25% off too. You can check out www.notonsteam.com for the full list, as well as giving us all a boost on Greenlight via this group: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=182868527

On that note, thanks so much to everyone who's voted, commented, shared etc recently. We're well past the halfway mark towards the Top 100 now, which is fantastic. Any other help we can get is massively appreciated. Give us a vote! Tell your friends! Things! It's all great. Thanks so much guys and gals.

5 septembre 2013 - horrolivia

HI, Ashton Raze here, writer of Richard & Alice. As you can see, we still haven't been Greenlit. We're getting there though! If you still wanna see the game on Steam, sharing/promoting the Greenlight link would be a massive help. THANKS.

In the meantime, while we patiently wait, we took some time out from our day jobs (making Location Services) to develop a short, free horror game called Sepulchre.

Check it out here: http://owlcave.net/sepulchre-game/

Features art by Ben Chandler and Ivan Ulyanov, and music by Jack de Quidt. And words by me, I guess. And huge bags. There's a special edition for $2.99 in which you get the soundtrack and a copy of my book (which loosely ties into the game) but the full game itself is free.

Go check it out!

28 février 2013 - LewisDenby

We're so incredibly happy with how things are going so far. Since release last week, we've had a bunch of fantastic reviews, which is crazy, and an incredible honour.

Edge Magazine, the industry's flagship publication, called Richard & Alice "a quietly powerful tale"[www.edge-online.com], awarding us a 7/10 (which, as anyone who knows Edge will attest, is a fantastic mark to get in that mag).

Meanwhile, Rock Paper Shotgun called the game "incredibly moving," while Digital Spy gave us four whole stars[www.digitalspy.co.uk]. Hooray!

We're going to be collecting all the reviews over on the Richard & Alice website[denbyraze.com], so head over there for more still.

I can't wait to see what more people say as the reviews continue to roll in. But we're still focused on getting this baby on Steam. So if anyone likes the idea of a story-driven adventure game about how characters behave in a world that's somewhat gone to the dogs, give us an upvote and you'd be loved forever more!

23 février 2013 - LewisDenby

After an eternity of hard work, Richard & Alice is finally out! It's available from GOG, Desura and IndieCity for just $5.99... and with your help, Steam can follow!

In case you're yet to be sold on the game, there's a free demo for you to try out. It's available - along with links to purchase the game - from www.richardandalice.com.

Early reviews are strong, too. Exciting times! Thanks to everyone who's voted so far.

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