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Automation: The Car Company Tycoon Game
Inline 6s and Major update released!
2012. december 5. - Daffyflyer

After a rather longer than intended 4 month development time, we've released a sexy new update, we think its a huge improvement on the last version and should make a great base on which to build the rest of the game.

* Inline Sixes
*Selectable Rocker Designs & Paint Colours
*Complete overhaul of all engine calculations for improved realism and gameplay
*New much improved UI Graphics
*Manual Revving of Engines
*BSFC (effeciency) graph.
* Major art overhaul
*Lots of other tweaks and updates

If you fire up your Automation launcher you should receive the update now :)

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8 megjegyzés
Grimswerth - Flail Snail Knight 2013. jan. 22., 23:28 
I'm really loving the Demo, the car company idea sounds great. I'll try to take over the world with my cars. Can't wait for the styling part to be added to the demo, and when this game is released on steam I'm sure to get it.
Daffyflyer 2013. jan. 22., 19:36 
You'll be able to build most styles of car yes, and of course the styling available to you will change as the years go by (starting with only 1940s style available when you start your company in 1946)

Rotaries are coming eventually, but probably as later DLC

V16s will be available, but only in the special edition.

As implied by the title "The Car Company Tycoon Game" the game is about running a car company, so you'll be designing the cars from the tech you have available to your company, selling them in different markets, using the money to research new tech, expand your factories etc.

You will be able to share car and engine designs yes.

You won't be able to drive your cars, as making a full blown racing game as well as a good quality tycoon game is practically impossble for a small team like us.

Yep, it should teach you a hell of a lot about cars. Give the demo a try.
Grimswerth - Flail Snail Knight 2013. jan. 22., 19:08 
I am also very interested in Rotary/Wankel engines, will you add those in the future as well? And what about V16 or W16 engines? Will we be able to create our own Bugatti Veyrons with over 1000hp. Also what about engine bay layouts? And after we've finished the cars what do we do then? Can we show our creations to other people and race our cars on a track against other people in their creations? I'm really exited about this program/game I think I will learn a lot more about how cars work from this.
Grimswerth - Flail Snail Knight 2013. jan. 22., 18:55 
I love cars from the 70s and 80s, will it be possible to create cars in different styles like classic muscle, hotrods, Itallian style mid engine supercars, and 90s Japanese street racers?
Daffyflyer 2013. jan. 6., 14:31 
The car design bit isn't out yet.
kamih17 2013. jan. 6., 5:49 
hi i downloaded the automation launcher and played with it make engines but how do i design cars someone please help
Daffyflyer 2012. dec. 18., 17:31 
Boxer engines are coming eventually yes. Also you can already have OHC or Pushrod on all the engines any how.
{703} MichaelCoolGuy86 2012. dec. 18., 15:14 
Would you be able to include Boxer Engines? Also, could you set an option for Pushrod and OHC across all engines? I'm very interested in playing this. I hope you guys continue making such an amazing game!