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The Age of Decadence
The Age of Decadence Early Access launch!
14. marraskuu, 2013 - Elhoim


We’re proud to offer you the first two chapters (roughly 60% of the game) and send you on an exciting (hopefully) and one of a kind adventure.

The first two chapters have all the features of the full game and give you:

- 10 locations: two towns where all the scheming, plotting, and back-stabbing take place, raiders’ camps, an ancient tomb, a tower of the Magi in a ruined city, the Abyss, which claimed many lives, a mountain pass protecting the southern towns from the barbarians of the wastes, and more.
- Over 100 hand-crafted fights (no filler combat), 130 if you count all variations
- Over 70 quests with multiple solutions, choices, and consequences
- over 100 characters you can talk to
- Over 350,000 words of dialogue (that would be a 1,300-page book)
- 6 mutually-exclusive questlines
- 40 different weapons, 15 different armor sets, dozens of other items (alchemical reagents, crafting components, artefacts, scrolls, throwing nets, etc)
- A lot of death screens

It’s a challenging (no, really), turn-based game with a lot of text. Its design is influenced by RPGs your grandpa used to play, where dying a lot was half the fun and the only way to learn. If you aren’t sure if this game is for you, try the demo first.

Keep in mind that even though the content is done, we’re committed to quality and will continue improving balance, optimization, and quests (based on your feedback).

We need 4-5 months to finish the third and final chapter of the game (we’re planning to start the beta test in April 2014) and your support and suggestions will help us deliver a quality RPG. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please visit our forums at http://www.irontowerstudio.com/forum

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9 kommenttia
Del137 16.11.2013 kello 0.23 
cool, tnx!
Dickbauchseepferdchen 15.11.2013 kello 15.06 
Great news at last
WinterSlime 15.11.2013 kello 1.21 
Achiements - yes (mb later). TC - no.
MHC 15.11.2013 kello 0.46 
Something's wrong here. I don't see Steam achievements or trading cards listed.
g0dl1ke 15.11.2013 kello 0.03 
что с русской локализацией?
WinterSlime 14.11.2013 kello 20.19 
Good selling!
VioletShadow 14.11.2013 kello 19.45 
Cool! Best of luck :)
Rama 14.11.2013 kello 19.00 
Talint 14.11.2013 kello 18.25 
Good Luck!