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Cry of Fear
April 17, 2013 - ruMpel

=Release Date=
As shown on Facebook and our main website, we have set the release date of the Stand Alone release for April 24th, which is in a week.
Cry of Fear will be re-released for free on Steam, where you won't need Half-Life to play it. It will be completely stand alone.

As you may have noticed, we have now switched over to IndieDB, or rather, the games section.
What this means, is that Cry of Fear is no longer a mod, but a game. This means that other people can create mods for Cry of Fear as in Custom Campaigns. Some examples of that are:

=See you the 24th of April=
But until then, follow us on our website
Or at Facebook
Or IndieDB:

December 11, 2012 - ruMpel

Yeah, that's right! We will work faster by the help from the motivation we will get if we win Mod Of The Year 2012 at ModDB. By working faster, I mean to get the Cry of Fear standalone build up on Steam. We want your help to rise again, and show everyone what Cry of Fear is!

1. Click this link to vote:

2. Then click Vote under Cry of Fear.

Read more about this on our website:

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