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23 de octubre de 2013 - Instant Kingdom

News! Driftmoon is coming to an Android/iOS/Linux/OSX/PC device near you soon(ish)! Since nearly everybody we've met has told us that Driftmoon would be so nice to play on a tablet, we've finally decided to port the game, and see whether nearly everybody is right.

I looked at different options for a few weeks. I considered porting my 100 000 lines of C++ code to all the platforms, but since Driftmoon was made using Directx, it would also have required me to change all of the graphics side. Android doesn't support a completely C++ program, you actually need a lot of Java code to go along with it. In the end I got scared, each of the four additional platforms I was looking at required significant changes to the code, and C++ is notoriously difficult for tracking the thousands of errors that were bound to creep in when doing a major port.

In the end I decided it made more sense to port the game just once, and click a button to get it on all of the different platforms I want to. With Unity I'm using a language called C#, which is a close relative to C++, with subtle differences. I started the porting in April, and for the first three months I couldn't see anything of the game, because large chunks of the game didn't work yet. Not being able to run the game for months is to me the most dreadful phase of a porting process like this, you won't know whether the 50 000 lines of code you just made actually works (unless of course you spend weeks developing some stand-in code for the parts you haven't ported yet).

What does this mean for mods? I'm planning on keeping full mod support for all platforms. Some current mods will require slight changes to get working with the new version. We're switching from 2D physics to fully 3D physics, and because of that there will be some differences - mainly these have to do with giving height to invisible barriers and adjusting physics puzzles. I will tell you more when I have the complete list, and I will be helping with the changes if anyone needs it.

When will you get to play? I really can't give a release date yet, but I will keep you posted on where we are at the moment. We have the desktop versions going pretty nicely, still need to iron out some strange bugs like missing people, and doors opening the wrong way, but those are not far away from being completed, and we'll soon need people to test them. The mobile device portion will require a bit more work, because it needs plenty of performance optimization, and user interface changes to accommodate the smaller screens and playing with a finger. I'm very excited about playing Driftmoon on a tablet, I'm certain Driftmoon will be one of the better RPG's out there for these devices.

Many have been asking how well Driftmoon has done financially. Well, Driftmoon has done spectacularly well, at least according to our own standards. Not enough to make us millionaires (we weren't aiming for that anyway) - but well enough to keep making more games a real possibility for our family. I will be checking our agreements with our distributors on whether or not I can reveal any figures, with any luck I might be able to tell you some specifics later on.

But what's really made our day (well, our year) has been all the wonderful feedback we've received from real flesh-and-blood people around the world. It's felt awesome to time and time again read how our little game's managed to be the biggest gaming surprise ever (hopefully they mean it in a good way), provide an unforgettable adventure, or leave someone grinning from ear to ear. Thanks everyone!

26 de febrero de 2013 - Instant Kingdom

Driftmoon, our "absolutely brilliant" (as some have called it) adventure role-playing game, is now officially released after only seven years of development time. Seriously, I'm not kidding you, it's complete now! First of all, a heartfelt thank you to all of our pre-orderers and supporters, we wouldn't be here without you!

Such a grand occasion calls for some celebration, so ta-daa: Up until the 5th of March,
Driftmoon goes for just 11.99€![www.instantkingdom.com]

Driftmoon launch trailer

The Story
The last hope of an enchanted world lies in an unlikely alliance: a hyperactive firefly, a queen panther with a whale-sized ego, and a fellow who's lost all but his bones. They'll take you on a journey like no other, full of amazing adventures, smiles and surprises, fantastic discoveries, wonderful stories, and fearsome foes!

We're always keen on hearing from our players, so if you run into any problems, or think of something you want to share with us, please press the letter "F" while playing, and you can send feedback directly to us.

Both Driftmoon and its free demo are available directly through our website http://www.instantkingdom.com/, as well as a range of digital distribution platforms, including GOG.com, Desura, GamersGate, and Green Man Gaming.

And Remember Gareth Meek, our awesome composer? Head on over to Bandcamp[garethmeekcompositions.bandcamp.com], and get that Driftmoon soundtrack you've been dreaming of!

Recent Reviews:

-"Driftmoon reminds of so much of what I loved about games when I was younger. The adventure, the story, the fun. It’s pure entertainment and a joy to play through." (9/10) (i-luv-games.com)

-"...it's been a long time since I enjoyed a game as much as this one. Think Quest for Glory and Frayed Knights mixed and blended together and you'll have some idea of what to expect." (4/5)

-"Driftmoon works so well because all the elements blend together like a good stew where each ingredient is cooked perfectly and there's more depth to be found as you reach the bottom of the bowl." (95%) (fanboydestroy.com)

-"Everyone who likes classic role-playing games, must play Driftmoon. A wonderful rpg with many great Features and a fantastic world. Buy it!" Translation from German provided by reviewer.

-"...a delightful touch of whimsey and there's plenty of humour to be found here. How many other games would have the deadly Hoe of Doom as an early weapon? Or such wonderfully ordinary conversations with undead skeletons?" (96%) (Bytten.com)

We've been awed at how much enthusiastic feedback we've received from both players and reviewers!
Thank you everyone, and have fun playing!
Anne and Ville

Ps. If you want to make sure you won't miss our next game (which hopefully won't take seven years to appear), make sure to get our Newsletter[www.instantkingdom.com]

Ps2. If you like Driftmoon, and feel like you'd like to do something to help, we're always tremendously grateful for all help in spreading the word about Driftmoon! So do tell your friends, forum pals, Steam buddies, that grandma you think could really use more excitement in her life. Everything goes!

Here's also a link to a new Facebook Fan page for Driftmoon, which Morgan just opened up for us. Thanks Morgan! Little thing like that mean a lot to us!

25 de diciembre de 2012 - Instant Kingdom

I am proud to present the first official Driftmoon beta version, the Fortress of Loom! Download it right here[www.instantkingdom.com]. This is now the first version that contains the full story, from its humble beginning to the fiery end, which is certainly the best part of the whole game.

In addition to the huge fortress and endgame, we've fleshed out the talent tree with four more talents. My favourite is the Goldfish Scout talent, which lets you access a minigame of finding the hidden goldfish in each major area. Another major addition are inventories for party members, which finally enables your friends to wear the armor and weapons of your choosing. I just like to make them wear funny hats. That, and some other features will require you to restart your game, but don't worry, there have been plenty of small additions to the early maps as well, and this time you can finally play Driftmoon all the way to the end!

Finally, I want to extend my special thanks to our excellent beta testing team! There are still some bugs to fix in Driftmoon, but we're getting there. We haven't set a date yet, but the final release is probably only weeks off from now.

Naturally, if you haven't done it yet, now would be a pretty perfect time to buy that Driftmoon[www.instantkingdom.com] you've been dreaming of! But if you do that, you might want to pick up the discount code[www.instantkingdom.com] first.

If the fact that we ourselves had a blast test playing the new complete beta of Driftmoon is any indication, I'd say it's quite possible that you might be in for some good time. We're really hoping you'll find yourself whipped away on a fantastic adventure that'll put a smile on your lips! :)

Ps. Don't worry, Anne is no longer locked up in Mors-Sarmeth.

7 de noviembre de 2012 - Instant Kingdom

Hands up, who guessed that we've been busy making Driftmoon? Come on people, I can't see those hands! ...That's more like it. You will be pleased to hear that we only have a few pieces of Ixal's fortress left to do! It's true! And that's why I've locked Anne inside the dungeons of Mors-Sarmeth! (Don't worry, she's got plenty of food and water.) And I won't let her out until she's finished designing the whole castle! I think she's secretly enjoying it.

Of course, there's still some work left to do after we finish implementing the level design and the bookfuls of dialogue that go into the ending. Some parts of the fortress still have to be filled with finishing touches (and more monsters and loot), and then we'll get to the fun part of fully playtesting the whole game. We're nearly done now, and it's great to finally see our long dream coming true! Still, I think we're even more happy to be able to finally present the whole finished Driftmoon to everyone who's been anxiously awaiting to continue the adventure!

Man, it's difficult telling you about the game's wonderful ending(s) without giving too much away. Did I already tell you it's going to be great?

In other news, we've started working with a new talented game design intern Lauri Heikkinen, who's designing and implementing a mod that features a rather intriguing story in a world inhabited by something called "blood elves". I've yet to find out if they're related to their namesakes in World of Warcraft, but they certainly sound interesting. Expect to see more in January.

Ps. We'll tell you more about our release date soon!

Oh, oh! I nearly forgot! There's still time to get the preorder discount, 20% off! It'll be valid on our website until the end of time, guaranteed. And if you've already got Driftmoon, well... Christmas is coming.

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