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Calling all Lamulanites!
29 november 2012 - PLAYISM

With the next Greenlight deadline already upon us we just want to ask that everyone do what they can to spread the word to their friends and help us bring votes in!
A lot of the newer content brought to Greenlight recently has bumped us back a few spots and we cannot let that happen!

The developers at NIGORO need your help to reach the awesome community that is Steam so please spread the word through any social channels you use!

More people need to die horrendous deaths and get desperately lost in these mysterious ruins!

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Dentorhedge 26 jan 2013 om 11:23 
Agreed, Kalirion!
PLAYISM, please submit this game to some popular You-tube faces!
Pigmask Major 3 jan 2013 om 20:12 
@Draco507: DeceasedCrab (and MadamLuna) are actually in the end credits under the special thanks section
Draco507 26 dec 2012 om 6:50 
nice, they refrenced deceasedcrab, "Lamulanites" is his phrase
cgngreenbadass007 23 dec 2012 om 0:38 
curses let it be the first japanese greenlight game. Please vote for this awesome japanese game

kalirion 21 dec 2012 om 8:35 
Hmm, does TotalBisbuit/Halibut enjoy hard metroidvanias? Might be good if he reviewed this one.
JRob774 16 dec 2012 om 15:44 
I've been going around to each of my friends at school making sure they greenlight this, I am so surprised this has not been greenlit yet, it is amazing. I just beat the first boss today and the feeling of satisfaction I got was unlike any other game, La-Mulana NEEDS to be on Steam right now to let more people experience this amazing game.
Sabin Stargem 14 dec 2012 om 17:07 
No problem. I mentioned them because they bring a lot to the table when it comes to their reviews and retrospectives. Both have good production values in my opinion, but each show has a strength. Joe's is that he has a lot of energy in his videos, which makes his reviews exciting. On the other paw is Roo, who goes into the history of the games that he makes a review on. We have the MSX, the two versions of La-Mulana, and AGTP's translation of the original and Nicalis's attempt with the remake. This gives plenty to cover, so it should be good to watch.

I recommend submitting your game to the Extra Credits. You might be able to get them to use your game as an example.
Extra Credits: The Uncanny Valley [extra-credits.net]

You might want to get involved with the Humble Bundle, which is a good way to help make your game known well enough to get greenlit.
Humble Bundle (Wikipedia) [en.wikipedia.org]
PLAYISM 11 dec 2012 om 18:17 
@Sabin Stargem Thanks for the tips! We'll check it out :)
Sabin Stargem 11 dec 2012 om 17:31 
Maybe you can get Angry Joe to review the game. His show shares the same site as the Nolstagia Critic, and at Blistered Thumbs. The reviews he makes has pretty good production values, and should be pretty entertaining. However, it is pretty darn likely that he would make clear that the game isn't for everyone.

Also worth attempting might be Clan of the Grey Wolf's Roo, as he makes reviews of videogame gems. I recommend viewing videos from each of their shows and then try contacting them if you think they could do good things for La-Mulana. Here is some links for them.

16-Bit Gems: Sunset Riders - Genesis VS SNES [clanofthegraywolf.com]
Angry Joe: Steel Battalion Review
Taterdude 6 dec 2012 om 20:23 
Isn't Lamulanites the phrase DeceasedCrab made?