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Beast Boxing Turbo
19 Kasım 2013 - goodhustle

Just wanted to share the great news that Beast Boxing Turbo was Greenlit in the October batch of 100 titles! It will be available on Steam very shortly, and keys will be sent out shortly to all existing buyers. To everyone who bought our game, promoted us, played our demos, and voted for us on Greenlight - thanks for all your support! For the official announcement and to see the other titles that were Greenlit, visit the Steam Greenlight announcement here:


19 Nisan 2013 - goodhustle

That's right - now's your chance to get a bundle of 6 great indie games that are still on Greenlight, including Beast Boxing Turbo! The games included (other than BBT) are Croixleur, Dawnstar, Battlepaths, Out There Somewhere, and Diehard Dungeon, all available now if you can beat the current minimum price of $4.42. We're also throwing in four original music tracks from Beast Boxing Turbo and some high-res graphics for diehard fans.

For more information, visit http://www.indieroyale.com and check it out!

2 Şubat 2013 - goodhustle

Beast Boxing Turbo is now available for preorder on Desura, where I'm running a launch sale for 40% off, $2.99 USD (check their site for other currency pricing). If you buy it on Desura (or direct through my website) and the game is greenlit, then I'll be happy to send you a Steam key as well. The game will be playable on 2/5 and includes both PC and Mac versions.

There's direct link to the game on Desura on my website (about halfway down the page) at http://www.beastboxing.com.

30 Ocak 2013 - goodhustle

Beast Boxing Turbo is now available for $4.99! By Grabthar's Hammer, what a bargain.

V1.1.1 was just released, rolling up some important bugfixes related to Endless Mode and a more action-y oriented icon.

Progress on Greenlight

I'll totally admit that this is a weird game... but even so, I was surprised to see that our stats are a bit more negatively-tilted than I would like. We've gotten so much great feedback from excited gamers on Greenlight, and the game would definitely find a nice home on Steam. The only conclusion I can draw is that we need our fans to share our game's Greenlight page to other like-minded gamers!

21 Aralık 2012 - goodhustle

Beast Boxing Turbo is on sale for $6.99 till Jan 2nd (http://www.beastboxing.com), and Demos have been extended to a full 60 minutes!

The big gameplay update introduces a new, easier difficulty option available if you lose a match, but it also makes the regular game tougher! Your opponents will now get new abilities after you beat each league, and NG+ is even tougher and faster now.

We also saw that many players took about an hour to beat Steve the Fitness Skeleton, so we extended the demo to that length to give most players a real shot at beating the Bush League. If you haven't tried the game yet, now's the perfect time. Enjoy!


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