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Huntsman:The Orphanage
17 november 2012 - ShadowShifters

A new name and a new 'face' coming very soon for our game and it's antagonist... we know all you Slenderman fans will see through the mask, and enjoy! We've re-written and re-designed the main character, what with the rights to Slenderman not being public domain now-a-days and all, and we hope you'll be as excited by the opportunities our new bad-guy brings as we are! Get ready to meet... The Huntsman - coming soon!

14 november 2012 - ShadowShifters

Work has begun in earnest on a sneak-peek scene from the game that will give you a taste of the terror to come... think "Open Beta" meets "Playable Trailer"! Explore the orphanage's Memorial Maze... find the headstone of little girl Dorothy in order to return her lost doll... all the while avoiding the ultimate face to face encounter with ...

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