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A Hat in Time
New City!
6. tammikuu, 2013 - MeowkuCube!!


Here's a sketch of the game's first city! Not entirely done yet, but it's got a ~feel~ going!

Let me know if there's anything you think would be cool to add :D

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8 kommenttia
Babo 9.1.2013 kello 19.31 
looks great, and the music is awesome. Very charming
Vessol 6.1.2013 kello 21.29 
I can't decide whether I like the art style or music more. Your animations are just as great.

I'd just add more NPCs or a bit of a market on the docks. Sales carts and the such.
polomi 6.1.2013 kello 20.17 
It looks awesome!
Protoss 6.1.2013 kello 18.58 
Will grab this on christmas 2013! Forcing myself to buy less this year, sorry. :-)
birdemic 6.1.2013 kello 18.16 
Wow. I'm so excited about this game.
おさるモンキー<JPN> 6.1.2013 kello 16.02 
Cute character. However, I get bored with it monotonous behavior. When it entered the sea spray. When water droplets out of the sea. Expression and behavior in the sea. I want more change. I hope meticulously crafted.
MeowkuCube!! 6.1.2013 kello 15.35 
Working on it, don't worry :D
Kackona 6.1.2013 kello 15.32 
Sooo beta? When?