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The Tank Game
March 21, 2014 - ttgdev

This patch makes some big changes to the game's visuals as shown in the comparison below.

The new visual were intended to make the game far less muddy looking by going for something cleaner and more cartoony. The grey / brown concrete slabs and rocks have been replaced by rusty red pipes / stacked boxes and in general the terrain elements have all been changed to more contrast more strongly one another.

The result of this is hopefully something that is more visually appealing and also easier to read at a glance.

The majority of effects in the game have also been changed with the intention of making them more snappy and satisfying than before.

Lava has been added as a new terrain element to the game. Players may attempt to take a risky shortcut through it taking damage at a constant rate in the process.

The appearance of map items has also been revamped. Gone are the permanent metal pads with item symbols, each item now has(will have*) its own appearance and vanishes once picked up. This makes maps less cluttered when few items are available and easier to spot those items that are.

The game's demo over at has also been finally updated to this latest patch if you wish to try it.

The full list of changes including gameplay tweaks are given below.

Change Log
added lava terrain type
almost all effects relating to weapons / items / players have been replaced or updated
almost all terrain visuals have been replaced or updated
changed appearance of walls from concrete blocks to stacked boxes and pipes
changed appearance of map items from pads with icons to items that are picked up
added new lightning effects for emp / player stun
the majority of maps have been redesigned
added popup indicators when a player picks up an item or scores a kill
tanks now move faster but are slowed when firing
emp hit radius reduced
emp now has homing
ram now has minimum charge time
ram now ends with an aoe damage blast
damage values on many weapons have been tweaked
training and mission levels have been removed for now all arena levels are still there
Many other small changes

August 9, 2013 - ttgdev

Recall Beacons, Force Fields and more! update is now live on Desura []

April 5, 2013 - ttgdev

Patch ignites into into existence bringing with it the addition of new fire effects enhancing the visuals of both rail gun fire and tank destruction.

full info[]

March 23, 2013 - ttgdev

Patch materializes wielding a shiny new HUD displaying team scores and time.

Another new HUD element displays more detailed information on each player.

The colored meters show how well a player is performing in a specific area compared to his/her fellows. The green represents damage dealt, orange damaged shielded and blue number of items/abilities used so far. These give players more ways to gauge how well they are doing rather than just the current score.

full info[]

March 9, 2013 - ttgdev

Update steps into the light bringing with it a new turret type.

The new Gatling gun turret features a high rate of fire and damage output, however it suffers from decreased accuracy and requires a short spin up period before firing.
The turret can also overheat from prolonged firing resulting in a reduced rate of fire until cooled down.

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