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In Verbis Virtus
31 ottobre 2013 - Indomitus Games

The teleport spell comes in two different forms. Saying Name't Atu'l your body is instantly moved to the farther reachable point in the direction you are looking at, this is the fastest way to escape monsters and traps or to get thourgh a passage closing quickly, on the other hand its result are not completely predictable. Atu'l E'kto Name't, instead, creates a mark to show where the spell will bring you, this way you can move more precisely but you’ll need a short additional time to do it.

"Despite your shell prevents you from moving like Them, your mind can destroy the chains that imprison you on the ground. The mind is the key to everything. It makes you equal to Them. But beware, the flesh is not made to move in Their realms. They are not made of fragile matter, They can travel to infinity and find themselves in the same spot They started from, but if you try to do that your limbs would know aspects of pain that hell itself would be afraid of. Use this art wisely, but do not abuse it, because it takes Their hands an instant to get you while traveling in the realm."

22 ottobre 2013 - Indomitus Games

Indomitus Games is glad to announce that it will be present at Games Week in Milan, from October 25 to 27, at the Games Week Indie stand to present new In Verbis Virtus contents and to let visitors try the game. The possibility to take part in this great event was given by AESVI that selected some of the most interesting Italian indie titles and offered them a free stand. For more information on Games Week:

All Games Week visitors, leaving their names at the Indomitus Games stand will get advantages on their donations to the Indiegogo campaign organized to finance the development of In Verbis Virtus. In particular, they will earn the perk "Spell chanter" donating only $ 20 (instead of $ 35), or an additional copy of the game by donating at least $ 65. These offers are also extended to those who have already donated!

17 ottobre 2013 - Indomitus Games

The Tia'l Uda' spell allows you to control specific artifacts, bearing the Mark of Command. In most cases you will have limited control on this objects, as they will have a few predetermined behaviors.

"Will is a power often underestimated. Determination can lead to incredible results. Being able to impose your own will to other living beings is one of the greatest gifts you could wish for. Be this imposition overt or hidden, it doesn’t matter. But controlling without having a predetermined plan is madness. Nothing is more damaging then the unexpected. Create your own spider web, cradle your ambitions for many years as necessary, wait patiently, and always look back to find your mistakes and rectify them."

Obi' Keh'nu is the formula of the telekinesis spell: by using it you can lift object of almost any size and move them with you. While this enchantment is active you can bring the subject near to you with the E'kto name't formula, or send it away saying Name't e'kto.

"What makes you an intelligent being? It’s not your hands, nor your eyes, but your mind. Even a beast can control its hands and react thanks to its sight, but how many can make a shield and a sword out of nothing? You are not your body, you are your mind. The pile of flesh that throbs in your skull is only the vehicle, the real you cannot be seen nor heard. But it can be perceived. And the Darkness as well as the Light, is watching you. The more you use your mind, the more you progress, and the more They know where you are. Everything has changed. Once they were good, they lived for us. But the betrayal of our minds has not gone unnoticed, nor unpunished. And although the story has changed, everything is the same. The Truth has set us free, but maybe that was our ruin..."

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