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Space Salvager
March 5, 2014 - Lugana707

Space Salvager 1.4.2 is finally out! Admittedly without multiplayer, which I am very unhappy about but it had to be done unfortunately.

The current plan doesn’t involve any more patches for Space Salvager, although knowing me I probably will anyway. Currently I’m planning on making a few small prototypes and seeing how they go, at least two of which are sequels/prequels to Space Salvager. So stay tuned!

March 5, 2014 - Lugana707

You can trash your only ship (assets menu)
Add accelerators back in
Changing from no/new profile to saved profile crashes game (possible from space to station)
Check death/life effects for resource spawners
Check player death
Closing save profile menu re-activates the navigation bar and fucks shit up (found out at Norwich Expo)
Constellation menu too small for 1080p
Fix shadows
Fix switch profile save/load menu
Issue jumping from “First Boneyard” to “Muspell” (player does not re-appear)
Lasers do not always show, particularly when firing at something close
Light ship better
Loading text will sometimes go green but not change the actual text
Resolve compilation warnings
Tweak shadows over the top of objects
You can trash all items and go back to an empty menu (assets menu)
Y Button on gamepad does not perform exclusive check
Cannot open player menu with Start Button on gamepad while in sub-menu
Cannot close player menu using B Button on gamepad
Check the efficiency of particle engines
Radiation warning not rendering when HUD is not displayed
Change HUD arrows to use different sizes and colour filters
Resource drops should appear on HUD when close-by
Have interactable orbital objects jump you further from the centre
Reduce the number of render calls for shadow mapping
Remove PC overlayer
Change ships and equipment to only exist at stations they were left at
Change asset menu to disallow the destruction of the last ship at that station
Change asset menu to disallow the destruction of the last engine (including equipped to ships) at that station
Lasers do not fire at the correct angle
Svartalfa and Harbingers labels on constellation map are off
Destination text sometimes goes beyond the HUD display
Add weapon positions on ships
NHSA Enforcer always drops the last weapon equipped after undocked (or the NHSA Hulk)
Change the hangar menu so only successfully changing an equipment removes it
Job board assignments double select and print bad text
Change laser beams to check collision from where they are actually are
Rebalance entire economy
Equipment/Metals do not affect cargobay, change this so they do
Game crashes after death, attempting to re-dock at station
Ship still visible after death
Dying from radiation outside the sector does cause the player to go into a dead state
Engine trail still visible after jumping
Fix engine trails for Gold Dumpster (Lorry_2)
Change the UESA Travellers engines
Accessing a ship on the station hangar bay should move this ship to element zero in the array
Add cargo bay menu
In game messages do not take into account camera zoom
Change the mission payout values for time and unit count
Change the HUD text to go above the darkness
Sometimes won’t undock until restart
Sometimes discos out when jumping
Cargo bay confirm menu not closing
Moving resources from your cargohold to your station does not increment your resources
Emptying your cargo bay does not update your data display
Undocking seems to fix armour/hull
Remove L3 has HUD toggle
Trashing your last equipment makes the menu think you’re trashing your last engine
Finding the nearest ship throws an exception when a player ship has no location
Pressing enter after player ship death sometimes does nothing
When launching from the HUB the first ship is not selected
Remove station back route
Remove mission routes
HUD text scaled wrong for camera zoom
Explosion particle engine not rendering correctly
Redeploy new game description
Clean up arrows in wrong locations for first tick of after creation
Armour/Hull are not priced correctly
UESA Traveller Engines y axis flipped
Region maps clamping values causing issues
MEC Belt connection not in map menu
Laser HUD colour needs changing
Change resources not to re-spawn on destruction, but only on exiting on boundary to limit the number of resources harvested
Rotate enemy health to face the player
On clearing a sector of everything inform the player (positive reward)
Cargo bay not showing electricals
Experiment with arrows getting bigger as you get closer.
Show enemy damage when player hits them
Play around with the shadow clearing (perhaps only draw objects AT ALL if they’re in line of sight)
Player ship is still visible after death
Fix polygon collision generation
Change swapping a weapon to see all weapons, not just weapons of that type
Transport missions can select themselves
Change missions to be available form spawn only, eight for each planetary sector
Fix AI not to obsess over the centre of the map
Change AI to pathfind and not strike eachother
SpaceShip circular collision mesh not generated properly
Small ships (UESA Alpha 2) do not collide with big objects (asteroids).
Change ship data to have a flag for locked, using this flag for being able to see and build
Change hangar menu to accept more than seven weapons
Issues changing equipment
Add warning message to equipment change menu
Remove credits display from hangar bay
Add credits display to the armour/hull fix menus
On player ship death engine sound does not stop
Stop music when player leaves
Sometimes pressing escape in the confirmation menu does not close the menu properly
Change player to store a name based on the user logged in
Confirmation menu doesn’t close when creating or viewing a server
Joining a server doesn’t work
Change the server and client to push and pull once every second, not every tick
Changed chat box to only update the selection menu on click
On game exit player does not leave the server
In server menus player display does not have a ‘c’ at the end of the credits count
Server does not shutdown properly
Chatbox shows on undock
Fix chatbox button collisions
Change station and player menu colours to reflect the current regions colour.
Add the name of the station to the station navigation bar when nothing is open.
Add chat send and receive on server/client
GameObject::TakeCreationStream failing every time, going outside buffer range
Sometimes you can connect multiple times on the server whilst connecting zero or once on the client
Jumping sometimes does not spawn the player on the other side
Docking causes no station menu to be generated
Change load profile display boundary to reflect the colour of the owning region that profile was last saved at
Shooting causes the client/server to begin handling update packets badly
Client ship is added twice
Add corporation manufacturer on item
Undocking from the server does not add the server player ship to the client
Add corporation to all item data
Display corporation logo on item display
Add corporation data
Finish logo for UESA and NHSA (remove manufacturer/logo existence check on DataDisplay)
Override default ActiveShipData data with TemplateShipData
Display corporation logo on station menu ‘no-menu’
Fix mouse texture not rendering in centre of mouse
Shading for light flicker (rounding issue with DrawLine)
Salvage does not always drop items
Ship doesn’t always dock/interact first time
Add animations into the menus based on cameras and states
HUD does not position correctly i

October 29, 2013 - Lugana707

Space Salvager is now available on Gameolith!

For once, I sort of kept to a deadline. Well, at least the second deadline.

[] [] []

What’s great about Gameolith? It supports a demo! It’s a really nice platform with a fair amount of customisation in terms of content download for the developer, which means I can do things like give you a demo for free or some exclusive content, maybe. If you want to play the free demo then head over to Gameolith and download it! The demo is exactly the same as the full game, except you can only save your profile not load it or level up. End up playing the demo for a few hours like all those at Norwich and Nottingham earlier in the month? Not a problem, save your profile and load it up in the full game!

Another cool thing about Gameolith? Space Salvager is coming to Desura soon and your Gameolith copy comes with a serial key that’ll work on Desura! It should also hopefully work on Steam as well, when we get Greenlit.

Some technical information, the version available on Gameolith is, which includes about a half dozen fixes to do with armour/hull, rebalance of mission costs and a fixed installer. Seriously, how hard is it to make an installer download it’s dependencies?

October 27, 2013 - Lugana707

So Space Salvager[] is coming to Indie Game Stand[] soon, not sure when exactly when some time in the next two or three weeks that doesn’t clash with Gameolith[] or Desura[]. As part of that I’m sorting some exclusive content, which in this case will be a new starting ship option. Below shows the current concepts, being developed by a friend of mine from University: Mair Perkins[].

The standard starting ship is the United Earth Space Authority Alpha 2, an old ship design from back in the day when Nyr Heim was still in contact with Sol. This new starter ship, continuing the theme of beat-up wrecks and “Space Salvager” in general is a cheap revamp of an old design ship design by the Àlf Recycling Collective: the ARC 110.


On the left you’ve got the ARC 230 and 240, on the right you’ve got three designs for the new ship. Personally I am torn between one and three. Although one borrows it’s shape a lot from the ARC 240 it’s a nice twist on the design and looks quite nice as a starting the ship; whereas three has a very different design from other ships entirely, it still has that ARC feeling to it, but contrasts nicely with any other design of a ship in game, see here[].

As with tradition for me, I’m going to ask you your opinion and to vote[]! Tell your friends and your friends friends. I want peoples opinions.

October 26, 2013 - Lugana707

Content Added:

Replaced the DX10 shadows with OpenGL/DX9 shadows
Changed arrow colours and sizes to fit contexts better
Resource drops now appear on HUD
Equipment and ships now only appear at the station you purchased/manufactured them
Weapons now fire from different positions on each ship
Economy has been re-balanced to reflect player time and equipment pricing
Resources now affect the ship cargobay
Accessing a ship from the hangar bay now means selecting undock from the Hub will choose that ship automatically

Bugs Fixed:

Stopped the player trashing their only ship
Player death no longer causes the game to crash
Player death no longer causes the game to go into a null state
Closing the save menu no longer double activates the station menu
Fixed an issue for jumping from “First Boneyard” to “Muspell”
Lasers now always show when firing
Loading text did not always turn green on load
When trashing items you can no longer enter an empty menu
Fixed gamepad support
Increased particle engine efficiency by approximately 100%
Radiation warning now renders when HUD is not active
Can no longer destroy last ship at a station
Can no longer destroy last engine at a station, including those already equipped
Hangar bay menu fixed to not drop weapons on undock
Player ship is no longer visible after death
Engine trails for the “Gold Dumpster” now reflect their true position on the ship
HUD text now goes over shadows

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