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<(^-^)> FLY'N will be out on Steam on the 9th of November <(^-^)>
8. marraskuu, 2012 - Fly'n

Hello there people, FLY'N has been announced for release on Steam on the 9th of November. We really really hope you'll appreciate the game (and the special release day discount too). The whole team will be stalking the Steam Fly'n forum for your comments and issues during the next days. Come by to say hi!!!

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42 kommenttia
Fly'n 9.11.2012 kello 10.29 
Game's out folks :)
βμff 9.11.2012 kello 7.53 
Niban 9.11.2012 kello 7.16 
Should be released at 1:00 PM PST, which is 2 hours and 45 min from this post :)
tygr 9.11.2012 kello 5.37 
Okay, it's 9th all over (except from Australia, there's 10th already) and I still can't wait...
Sheanjoes 9.11.2012 kello 5.10 
@pudro Time zones
LH 9.11.2012 kello 4.17 
Do you know when on the 9th? It's 13:16 here and the game doesn't appear to be in the store yet.
Scarlet. 9.11.2012 kello 4.15 
It's look amazing C:
Requin d'Energie 9.11.2012 kello 3.59 
Congrats !
Delovan 9.11.2012 kello 3.31 
Congrats, great new for people who voted for you : )