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Online features are nearing completion
7 ноември 2012 - Sawtaytoes

I'm getting really far with the online features to the point where they're nearly complete now. Recently, I added the ability to have multiple score sets so you can have separate scores for keyboard, dance mat, Rock Band drums, and others.

I've also been working hard with Jason to get the new website in a working state. It'll add a lot of new features like updating the score ticker on-the-fly and providing a cleaner and prettier interface to work with. And this time around, I put a mobile-first responsive design in there from the get-go. Now the site will look, or should look, like it was made for widescreen monitors and mobile devices alike.

This is all possible thanks to the beta testers who've done such a great job playing the game and reporting bugs and asking for new features!

- You can playback anyone's recorded replay and even play against it! You can also play 2 replays at once.
- Up to 7 of your friends' online scores can show up in-game.
- Online scores and replays are per-player so two of you could be uploading scores at the same time to two different accounts.
- There's now an updater app. You can do other stuff while it's updating and when it's done, it'll notify you everything's up-to-date. It cleans up after itself too so you don't have huge files sitting on your drive.
- Switching between score sets is really easy and can be done per-player if you and a friend are using separate controllers. This allows people to choose their controlling device instead of having one set of scores.
- The online challenge mode is complete from a programming standpoint, but it still needs to be spiffed up before it's ready for testing.

If you wanna join the beta, just get in contact with me through any of the Pulsen channels, and you'll be able to check out these features too!

I finally got to packing the three Pulsen community song packs for beta testers to try out. Glad to see people already making comments and suggestions in Asana! :)

I'm always up for suggestions. I added the score set feature just this weekend based on a suggestion I received late Friday night. Even if I can't implement your exact suggestion, my goal is to make sure you're happy with the game and that if you wanna do something with it, I at least try to make it possible.

-- Kevin

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