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Anodyne (available now!)
13 december, 2012 - Sean Han Tani

I recently did a podcast with @theafkpodcast: it starts at 46:15 ! Check it out, I talk a bit about anodyne and game design.

I also finished the game's soundtrack, which is a nice milestone. now we're just ironing out the last areas, sprites, etc, and getting ready for our final mobile build submission to try and be accepted to the mobile Indie showcase at PAX East in March.

You can check out some new screenshots and older news posts here!

27 november, 2012 - Sean Han Tani

So development is great, I'm almost running out of things to program! Working on polish, easter eggs, some last music thingies...

Anyways, I'll (Sean) be at MAGFest from Jan 3rd-7th. Come say hi if you're around!!! Not sure what I'll do yet, probably sit there and talk to people! Meet people! Etc.!

I also made a tumblr. It's a little inane.

11 november, 2012 - Sean Han Tani

Anodyne's gonna be on Android phones!!!

Yep, I spent this past Thursday porting it. Thanks to Adobe AIR, this was only as difficult as it took to figure out how to do everything. I plan on making a formal blog post later on what I ended doing to solve it. We still need to add GUI sprites but it's working. This picture has placeholder art I've used to do the GUI, it will be replaced soon.

This is great for a number of reasons.

1. Now we can submit to the Indie Showcase at PAX East - they are only accepting mobile submissions from Indies this year. This means Anodyne has a chance of getting a few days over there in mid-March to meet a bunch of people! That would be reallys well.

2. We can eventually sell it for Android phones!

3. Playing it as a handheld is pretty awesome! I was laying in bed playing the first dungeon last night, it was a cool feeling.


Other updates:

In the past few weeks I've been working on the area design for a few areas. I've finished quite a few so progress is great. I've also been implementing cutscenes which is slightly less exciting for me (but exciting for you! they're short and to-the-point).

Alright, make sure to follow me or the game on twitter for more updates!

And share this with your friends! Help us get onto Steam!

7 november, 2012 - Sean Han Tani

Hey all, there's a new video of Anodyne giving a glimpse of some game footage. You can view it at our Greenlight page (it's the first video, "reminiscences of young").

Don't forget to share it with your friends and get the word out if you want to see Anodyne on Steam! Also, feel free to ask any questions you have over at our Greenlight page!

-Sean (@seagaia2)

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