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2014. február 11. - Compulsion

Hey everyone!

We realise we haven't reached out to the Greenlight community in ages, since we launched the game. We've spent the last couple of months patching the game, and figured now is a good time to say hi.

We also figured that a lot of you have been waiting for a sale to buy Contrast - so here it is: 40% off for the next 48 hours.

This will be the last message we send through Greenlight, as we don't want to bug everyone. However, I wanted to let you know that we still super grateful to everyone for checking us out and supporting us here. There's a shoutout to our Greenlight fans in the art book that we have included in the Collector's Edition, so you're almost immortalised.

Cheers - come say hi on the forums if you've played and want to chat about the game! Or, if you just want to hang out. You know. I'm not desperate for friends or anything.

- Sam

2013. október 16. - Compulsion

Hi everyone

Slightly exciting news. Today, we opened pre-orders for Contrast. We have a brand new store page, and community groups, and oh it's all so very interesting:

Contrast on Steam

If you're looking at the page right now, there's a bit of confusion about the preorders (there's a small bug in Steam's store that should be fixed super soon). So, I'll explain it a bit here. There will be three options for purchasing:
- Standard Game ($15)
- Digital Soundtrack and Programme (an art book styled like the programme to our show)
- Collector's Edition (both of the above) ($20)

We think the Programme and Soundtrack are great, so we decided to offer the CE for the same price as the standard edition, as a pre-order incentive. Ie, preorder and you get the Programme and Soundtrack essentially for free. The Programme explains a lot more behind our team, the game, and how it was created, and if I do say so myself (which I can, because I wrote it and I'm completely biased), it turned out rather well.

Of course, you don't have to pre-order - only if you want to support us/get a cheaper CE.

Oh, and here's a new trailer, focusing on the music:

Music Trailer wow

Don't panic that it's not too dark - this is just about showing the style of the soundtrack that you will hear throughout the game (and a bit about the story). We'll have a suitably atmospheric trailer out just before launch.

As always - thanks for the support! You guys are still our favourite. We'll be spending most of our time in the community group from now on, but we'll keep checking back from time to time. So, once you play, came say hi and tell us what you thought!

- Sam

2013. augusztus 14. - Compulsion

Hey everyone!

After many months of hard work and delays, we're finally ramping up to release. Part of that means new trailers to try and show what the game is really all about - here's the first one, Didi's Trailer!


This trailer was made by our publishers, Focus. We wouldn't have them without you guys, so thank you once more. Hopefully this gives you a glimpse of the higher quality we have been able to reach for thanks to working with them :)

Hope you all dig it.

- Team Compulsion

2013. július 27. - Compulsion

Hey everyone!

We've been pretty quiet lately, as we've been working hard on finishing the game, and porting it to PS3, PS4 and Xbox 360. However, we had some new screenshots created for E3, so I've updated our image gallery, taking away screenshots that were ~a year old, and replacing them with these new ones. Some are just updates of our old screenshots, but a whole bunch are completely new to Greenlight. Hope you like them! Check them out here: oooooh pretty

We're also coming to GamesCom and PAX Prime, two big conventions at the end of August/beginning of September. There will be playable demos of the game there, and members of the team, if you want to come and say hi. I'll add some more details about when/where you can meet us closer to the time (once we've figured them out ourselves :P).

Otherwise, have a swell weekend!

2013. május 24. - Compulsion

Hey everyone!

Today's post is a really interesting one, although it's not directly about the game itself.

We have just signed a deal with Focus Home Interactive, to publish Contrast on Xbox 360, PSN and PC. We wanted to fill you in on our thinking behind the deal, so here is a post on our discussion forums talking about it.

Feel free to ask anything you'd like, although I'll reply later, because we've had a busy week and we're going to go have a celebratory beer now. <3

- Sam

P.S. To our US amigos, have a great long weekend!

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