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16 квітня 2013 р. - Compulsion

Happy mid week greetings to you all!

We've got a couple of neat things coming just around the corner, and the next month will be crazy, so we wanted to give you a quick update beforehand on what we've been doing with Contrast.

First, thank you to everyone who came to visit us at PAX! It went super, super well, and it was great to meet those of you who have been following us for a while. Thank you all for the support!

Second, we've had some awesome media coverage recently that showed off some of our gameplay. You guys and girls really seemed to get us early on, so maybe you won't be too surprised, but here's a couple of videos anyway:
Unedited gameplay with commentary on IGN
Neat edited interview/commentary on Gamespot[www.gamespot.com]

Third, you are probably wondering when we're releasing - we are sorry that we've been so quiet on that front. We had planned to release before now (quarter 1), but we just felt that it wasn't ready. We're now looking (pretty firmly) at releasing in May. This will only delay if (gasp) a publisher picks us up, and asks us to delay until we can launch on Steam/PS/Xbox at the same time. However, while we're in discussion with publishers, we don't know what's going to happen. So right now: we think we're coming in May.

Finally, we're still really struggling to get the word out. We have 10,000 followers on Greenlight (thank you!), but only have ~800 likes on facebook. For us to be able to eat after release, we really need to reach more people. If you dig how the project is turning out, please please please share the narrative trailer that we're definitely not releasing in two weeks.

Contrast on Facebook!
Utterly terrible tweeting about Contrast

- Sam

20 березня 2013 р. - Compulsion

Hi guys and girls - only two days until we're showing Contrast at PAX East! We would love it if you came by and checked us out at booth 775. We have a solid demo for you to play, and are surrounded by some of the best up and coming indie games and developers!

Feel free to come by for a chat, a yarn, a natter, or whatever your slang word for "conversation" is - we may even have the odd competition for you to enter :)

Oh: and if you want to see our studio head and artist taking photos with our larger than life Didi and Dawn banners, check out our facebook page!

See you at PAX!

1 березня 2013 р. - Compulsion

Hi everyone! Long time, no announcement. Let's fix that.

Some exciting news today:

  • We're showing Contrast at PAX East, as part of the Indie Megabooth! You can meet us there and play an almost 100% complete version of Contrast (acknowledging that you're probably more interested in the latter than the former!).
  • We have updated our teaser trailer with new character models, new animations, new visual effects and even an update to one of our favourite areas in game. teaser trailer
  • We have updated our screenshots to all be 1080p, each taken from our current build.

Here's a wee sample:

For more info, check out our latest blog post[contrastgame.com]!

We're also in the process of creating the new Steam page and group - we're not sure when that'll be done (we're working with Valve to do this at the moment) - and will announce that + some other interesting things in the next few weeks. March is going to be huge!

11 січня 2013 р. - Compulsion

Just a couple of quick updates today everyone. First, we have a new screenshot (below) showing Didi and Dawn in front of the Ghost Note Cabaret. We'll add the screenshot to our Greenlight page in the next couple of days, but wanted to give you guys a bit of early access.

Second, we've made some changes to our website[www.contrastgame.com] by adding a whole bunch of art taken from the environments in game. We're hoping you like it, so let us know if you do, don't, or just want to eat popcorn.

Oh, and happy new year! We hope you're all getting some great gaming time in and are enjoying any games bought in the Steam holiday sale (and we hope you're getting lots of tolerance from your wallets, partners and other hobbies).

21 грудня 2012 р. - Compulsion

Audience members, talent scouts, socialites and press hat owners, greetings to you all!

While the little ones among you are waiting for Santa, and the big ones are enjoying the best excuse to party since it was 1999, it’s a good time to give you an end of year/the world update.

Head on over to the post on our website[contrastgame.com] for the full story, but as a summary:

  • there are two new pieces of art to check out, from our artist, Whitney
  • we're "content complete" - we'll be announcing a release date in January, and it's not too far off
  • we'll have a new trailer, way more info about Contrast and pre-purchase announcements in January too
We think it’s time to start getting really excited about Contrast. From all of us here at Compulsion Games, season’s greetings, great big popcorn buckets of thanks, and best wishes for the post apocalyptic world.

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