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Pro Wrestling X
21 Kasım 2014 - wishnowski

Oh it's true, it's true!

Thanks to your incredible support here on Steam Greenlight and the hard work of the dedicated Pro Wrestling X crew I am beyond overjoyed to announce that you can get your hands on the game RIGHT NOW by visiting our brand spanking new page over at Early Access right here:


Thank you so much for your continued support as we do our very damn best to finally bring pro wrestling to the millions...AND MILLIONS...of smart, sexy, and powerful members of the Steam community.


Dave Wishnowski
Producer, Pro Wrestling X

11 Ağustos 2014 - wishnowski

In case you missed it (and because the url has changed since first posting) here is a nifty video update I posted just over a week ago. And please remember, we send out weekly updates to our supporters via email newsletter, Facebook, etc. and you can easily sign up at www.ProWrestlingX.com if you are interested. THANK YOU!!


5 Mayıs 2014 - wishnowski

Hey everyone! Just a quick note to let you all know that we've got new screenshots and gameplay video coming. To avoid any confusion, we are updating our Steam page here to reflect the new game you'll be getting here on Steam. All images and visuals of our rusty old Uprising game/prototype/thing have been removed to avoid confusion. Thank you for your support!

4 Mart 2014 - wishnowski

Wow! The best day ever!

We hit our Kickstarter goal after just launching the campaign yesterday THANK YOU and then we find out that we have climbed all the way to the #32 spot here on Greenlight!

I can't thank all of you enough for your kind, patient, and positive support of Pro Wrestling X over all of this time. This project has been easy to poke fun at at times, I made some intensely staggering mistakes y'know, but we just kept pushing on through, never let the bullshit stop anything, and just look at us now.

Thanks to you guys and girls, we are in the perfect beautiful position to make a very cool wrestling game for very cool wrestling gamers.


4 Mart 2014 - wishnowski

Thank you SO DAMN much! We've nearly reached our Kickstarter goal in LESS than 24 hours thanks to your incredibly generous support. With barely $800 and less than an hour to go I have promised that if we hit our goal in the first 24 hours I will let our awesome supporters help design a Pro Wrestling X tattoo that I'll film myself getting in celebration of our supporters getting us to our goal.

Can we do it? Gimme a HELL YEAH!!!! Once we get to our goal the next step is GREENLIGHT and I promise we will all be playing PWX on Steam in a matter of months or even just weeks.

You can follow the Kickstarter campaign and watch us hit our goal here:


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