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Pro Wrestling X
Lance Storm to join Pro Wrestling X crew!
13 de novembro de 2012 - wishnowski

LETHBRIDGE, ALBERTA, CANADA – The indie video game project Pro Wrestling X has secured the services of Calgary... Alberta, Canada's own Lance Storm to serve as a content consultant – pending the success of their crowdfunding campaign.

"The project's roots are in Canada, we love video games, and we love wrestling," said Pro Wrestling X founder and lead designer Dave Wishnowski. "I can't think of anyone who epitomizes the spirit of our game more than Lance Storm, and we can't wait to bring him on board."

In addition to his well-respect career in WWE, WCW and ECW, Storm is the owner of his own internationally acclaimed training school, the Storm Wrestling Academy. If the project reaches its funding goal, Storm and other Academy wrestlers will film wrestling moves to be animated for the video game.

"It's easy for a wrestling game to go horribly wrong, no matter how much money is thrown at it," said Wishnowski. "We can count on Lance to keep us in line and make sure every move, counter and reversal makes sense and looks great."

Pro Wrestling X has turned to crowdfunding service to fund its completion. The campaign needs to raise $75,000 by December 7 in order for the game to be successfully completed. Backers of the project at various reward tiers can receive a copy of the completed game, exclusive clothing, custom art and much more. They can even appear in the game as playable character.

"If we can get the continued support of our great fans, it will be an honor to work with Lance," said Wishnowski. "His involvement shows our strong commitment to the level of quality our gamers deserve – and haven't been getting anywhere else for years."


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Dave Wishnowski, Founder & Producer
Pro Wrestling X

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3 comentário(s)
K-Bone 15/nov/2012 às 5:48 
Bobbbyyyyyy Rooooooooo!
[ReAp] EBDarksnipe 13/nov/2012 às 15:12 
Lance Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD IS EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thegreatdane 13/nov/2012 às 13:31 
WOW! That's awesome! Lance Storm is one the best in the wrestling industry, in Canada or anywhere else. Excellent news, guys.