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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
11. Dezember 2012 - Reverb Publishing

Boston Man Found Tortured to Death in Grisly Death Trap

Early reports state this the work of the Cain Killer

By Rosie Williams – October 29, 2008

BOSTON, Mass. – The latest victim in a string of brutal murders across the Boston area, Needham resident Scott Reed, 26, died as a result of injuries inflicted by the murderer-at-large known as the “Cain Killer .” This serial killer has been terrorizing the Boston area for the past three years, targeting male-female sibling pairs and using numerous torture devices that have left all victims dead. The Cain Killer kills his victims in traps involving large spikes and spears, and once left a man to suffocate in a sealed stone coffin. Disturbingly, the Cain Killer has an active following on social media that has caught police attention, although it seems this is unrelated to the murderer and the case.

Scott Reed was the son of well-known retired Boston Police Captain Brian Reed and brother of local FBI Agent Erica Reed . Boston FBI Director Samuel McAdams has confirmed that Agent Reed is being treated at Mass General Hospital for severe injuries received in the attempt to recover her brother, but is expected to make a full recovery. This makes Agent Reed the first potential victim to escape the Cain Killer. It is confirmed that Agent Reed was working on the Cain Killer case prior to her brother’s abduction and there is speculation that Scott Reed may have been targeted because of this.

Agent Reed has not made any official comments regarding her brother’s murder. Reporters and citizens have been following her still-public Facebook profile for potential information regarding the case. Police and FBI officials have requested that all citizens who have or are looking for more information regarding Reed or the Cain murders should contact the FBI media representative [reverbinc.com], or browse the public case simulation .

1. Dezember 2012 - [POS]katiehal16

They say "Restore, Restart, or Quit"? (Usually followed by you saying, Dammit, why didn't I save more often?!)

But more to the point, while we were not Greenlit yesterday, we're still kicking and we WILL get on Steam! Cognition Episode 1 has been solidly reviewed as a great game, it is ready to go the second we are Greenlit, last year we raised over $34K in a Kickstarter (in the pre-Kickstarter boom days!), and there are 3 more episodes on the way that we can't wait to get into your hot little hands!

We know you want Cognition, we know you want adventure games, so let's make this happen! Keep upvoting and sharing the link to this page! Don't forget to also leave a comment, and you'll be entered to win a free copy of Episode 1 or a copy of the amazing soundtrack when we get that Greenlight!

21. November 2012 - [POS]katiehal16

We're running giveaways all through Thanksgiving weekend! Join the Cognition Steam group for more details and you could win a copy of the Soundtrack or the Prequel Comic!


14. November 2012 - [POS]katiehal16

As requested, we've posted a new trailer featuring gameplay from Episode 1! Viewable on our Steam Greenlight mainpage, or viewable on our YouTube channel. Enjoy!


12. November 2012 - [POS]katiehal16

We're running a new giveaway!

Vote us up & leave a comment on our Steam Greenlight page, and when we're greenlit (whenever that is!), you'll be entered to win one of 3 free copies of Episode 1 or one of 3 free copies of Volume 1 of the Soundtrack!

The next batch of games are being greenlit on Nov. 30th--we'd love to be one of them, and we need your help to get there. But whether we're greenlit this month or several months from now, this giveaway still stands!

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