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Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
Cognition Has Been Greenlit!!
2013. június 28. - [POS]katiehal16

Everyone here at Phoenix Online is incredibly excited and grateful to announce that we have been Greenlit!!

Check out the official news from Steam here: http://steamcommunity.com/games/765/announcements/detail/1585547885807672930

First & foremost, enormous thanks to all of YOU! Your votes, support, and helping us spread the word are what got us here, and we are very grateful indeed. We can't wait to get the game fully loaded on Steam and ready to go and into your eager hands!

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24 megjegyzés
TOTALFILM 2013. szept. 12., 14:11 
Just tell me, when?:umbrella:
Kovaelin 2013. aug. 28., 6:50 
Great news to here after getting back home from the summer! Congrats!
magabite 2013. aug. 26., 16:10 
b3nderz 2013. aug. 10., 15:45 
Nice ! I'm waiting the Steam release for a long time :beatmeat:
Fox333 2013. júl. 30., 5:30 
Great news, I was hoping that it will come true because this game deserve it!!! Good work!!!:steamwings:
atb_85 2013. júl. 28., 6:57 
I'm really glad you made it to Steam!
I Greenlit you as soon as I saw the games. Plus I got the chance to buy ep 1 and 2 for an amazing price on IndieGameStand! Good job! ^^
flo-12 2013. júl. 25., 18:27 
I would be happy to buy it on "steam" but only if there is a french version, or at least french subtitles.
cesarbittar 2013. júl. 11., 12:57 
Hello Sike, we are actually waiting for Ep4 to be ready and it will all be released on Steam together. A month or two at most.
Simon 2013. júl. 7., 12:25 
Any chance of an ETA on the steam keys?
Gorger 2013. júl. 4., 20:59 
Can't wait to finally play this game.