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Melody's Escape
June Update: New Video
3 de Junho de 2013 - Loïc

"Tiny Japanese Girl" is back, with a new video showing all the latest progress on Melody's Escape! :)
Video link
The gameplay is almost finished, I will organize a private beta soon, so stay tuned!

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13 comentários
General Moo's Server Slut 21 Jun, 2013 às 20:36 
May I make a suggestion? So other things that go with the music OTHER than just obstacles. Like moving objects/AI/strobie lights n stuff. The game eez looking amazing! I'd LOVE to buy the game. (And espicially participate in BETA) keep up the good work! ~Moo Moo Man
Loïc 19 Jun, 2013 às 23:42 
It's still hovering at #33, nothing has changed so far.
Autumn Raynefyr 19 Jun, 2013 às 19:50 
So, is there any update on the status of the game in Greenlight..? :3
echo 9 Jun, 2013 às 13:08 
There is so many difference with the first video...
Nice work !
Pan 5 Jun, 2013 às 2:01 
Wooo Savlonic.
Gyel 4 Jun, 2013 às 17:54 
i want it now though O~O 4 Jun, 2013 às 15:37 
Looks great! Best of luck on the project!💕 3 Jun, 2013 às 23:47 
Looks awesome, keep up the good work
Dennis el Azul 3 Jun, 2013 às 20:20 
I hope you good luck with this project. :)
Pomf 3 Jun, 2013 às 19:46 
Are you taking Steam users that voted for you as Beta users?! If so, I would love to help!