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28 de Junho de 2015 - Acegikmo

Hello everyone!

Long story short
We're now developing Flowstorm again!
I'll be streaming development of Flowstorm here: http://www.twitch.tv/acegikm0
(Including now at the time of this announcement, feel free to join in!)

Where have we been?
After the Kickstarter failed, we wanted to relaunch it, but ultimately, when the first Kickstarter failed, we lost our motivation to continue completely. We also had to find jobs again in order to survive, so we started freelancing both of us.
During the freelance time, we saw an opportunity, and started developing Shader Forge - a plugin for the Unity game engine, which we're currently selling in the Unity asset store. Luckily, Shader Forge has been very successful! We started getting money into the company to the point where we're now in a position where we can work on our own projects near-full-time!

We do apologize for the time it took for this to happen, but a lot has happened for us at Neat Corporation! It's still just Jenny and I, but this time, we've got a ton of experience and contacts in the industry throughout various events such as Unite and GDC!

The status of Flowstorm
We're rewriting Flowstorm from scratch!
The old code is an awful mishmash back when I didn't know all that much about Unity. Today, I'm much more fluent in it.
  • Less bugs
  • More stability
  • Better optimized
  • Easier to add new features with a clean codebase
  • Multiplayer support has to be done from the beginning
  • We're both better and faster developers
  • We have the time/money

So far, in about 4 days, the splines and the whole mesh generation system is about 95% finished, something that took about 3-4 months back then, and it's already much more optimized.

Will Flowstorm be the same?
The game will simply be better in every which way. There are a few things we're doing different this time around, most of it outside the game.

Apart from everything that will be better, as outlined above, we'll also cut a few things in order to give us more time to focus on developing Flowstorm itself:
  • No account system - in favor of Steam accounts
  • No level center on the website - in favor of the Steam Workshop
  • No more forums on the website - in favor of the Steam forums
  • No webplayer version

In addition, we'll be spending less time on updates/marketing, we'll now mostly be here:
Twitch (for streaming development)[www.twitch.tv]
Twitter (Jenny)
Twitter (Joachim)

Thank you for reading, and a big thanks for your patience throughout these last couple of years.

Let's do this!

// Joachim

15 de Abril de 2013 - Acegikmo

Hello again!

There is now a more newbie friendly rocket called "Rooket" in the game, in addition to the good old "Storm" rocket!

Jump in and check it out[flowstormgame.com] :)

Also, we're still on Kickstarter! Barely hanging on, but it's still possible for the game to suddenly hit a large audience. We're doing all we can to spread the game, but it's tough when we're just two people working on it. It would be very, *very* helpful and kind of you if you could help spread the game as well!

Thanks for following us on Greenlight!

// Joachim & Jenny

Also, here's a neat animated .gif

3 de Abril de 2013 - Acegikmo

Hello again!

It took us months of hard work to pull this off, but now our Kickstarter and Alpha 4 update is finally here!

You can visit our Kickstarter here[kck.st] and play Alpha 4 here[www.flowstormgame.com]! The website has also had a major update, with level center[flowstormgame.com], design documentation[flowstormgame.com] and forums[flowstormgame.com]! So feel free to check that out as well!

Also, each user now have a statistics page, just click any name to see it, including yours! :)

We hope you enjoy this update, have fun! :D

// Joachim "Acegikmo" Holmér & Jenny "Sranine" Nordenborg

18 de Janeiro de 2013 - Acegikmo

These last few weeks, we've been working a lot with the website and preparing for web alpha 4, as well as preparing for a special announcement :)

This is what's coming in a few weeks:

Flowstorm alpha 4 (Web version):
• Local multiplayer 1v1 survival combat mode!
• New levels + 2 community levels
• Improved GUI
• Improved destruction model
• Scoreboards will highlight your position, even if you are outside top 13
• Login will be a browser cookie, so you don't have to relog every time
• Other minor changes

Target race levels (Like Shooting Range) have got some new changes:
• You no longer have to wait for the previous grenade to disappear to fire a new one
• Grenades are now limited by a set ammo count
• Targets can now be destroyed by your landing spikes.
(Since this is a gameplay change, we'll most likely clear the current scoreboards for Shooting Range for the next update)

• Much better looking!
• Public game design document
• Level center: You can now comment and rate custom levels.
• Level center: You can now favorite levels, so they're easily accessible.
• Level center: Custom level scoreboards will be fully functional when standalone A4 goes live
• Forums
• Single account; the same account is used for the game, level center and forums!
• Online users list
• Profile pages with statistics
• Front page with the latest news
• Account management (Change password, change email, etc)
• Some security improvements

We're currently looking for a way to work on the project full time, which just isn't possible at the moment. But we're working on it!

Also, here's a screenshot of the upcoming website:


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