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The Intruder
Game Muse Interview
7 novembre 2012 - Mister Royzo

I've just done an interview with Game Muse, which has some new facts and insights about the game and its development.

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41 commenti
Bambi Sammich 6 mag 2015, ore 23:51 
This is still an interesting concept. I was hoping progress would be made.
Wisens 3 mag 2015, ore 20:37 
I still come back to see if there is every any movement on this game. The video gives me nightmares. I really hope I get to play this eventually!
Hamster Jelly 27 feb 2015, ore 18:01 
Well 3 years later I still come back, hoping there's some news :/
gogog 15 feb 2015, ore 5:42 
looks good!
Fumiko 8 nov 2014, ore 20:27 
this game looked really good D:
Scvlly 12 set 2014, ore 4:14 
this game looked really good D:
NunoCunha' 22 dic 2013, ore 15:56 
Cookiekiller119 18 ott 2013, ore 15:12 
Aww why did this game stop in developement?! I was looking forward to it.
MrKeylord 14 ago 2013, ore 14:12 
I will tell you guys if i get the reason for stopping this
MrKeylord 14 ago 2013, ore 14:11 
Guys, Mister Royzo ( The creator of this game ) SOmehow stopped this production. Hes daily online on Steam and i will try to ask him why did he stop this.