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Hoodwink [series]
29. elokuu, 2013 - E1 Studio

We made it! After many ups and downs the Hoodwink series is now greenlit and will be making its way into the Steam store.
We can’t thank you enough for your votes and support, you have made us very happy indeed!
We also would like to thank Steam for their dedication to helping indies like us to find a foothold in the hearts of so many gamers from around the world.
Now it’s on to the next stage! To get Hoodwink Episode 1 up on Steam and ready to play.
Stay tuned for our Steam release date!

26. kesäkuu, 2013 - E1 Studio

We've been invited to take part in the Greenlight SUPERSHOW Indie Livestream on Saturday June 29th.
YouTube personalities NorthernLion, OMFGcata, and RockLeeSmile are going to be there too!

This is a massive, 13+ hour long live stream starting with a pre-show chat at 10:30am EST, featuring over 25 games that are currently on Greenlight or have been recently Greenlit. This will include highlighting their creators, tons of gameplay, special guests, Q&A's, game giveaways, cake, sneak peeks, Greenlight discussion, and possibly even rap battles!

Join us at 9.30pm EST for our half hour segment to chat to us live about Hoodwink.

More info here:
Greenlight Supershow Webpage [robotloveskitty.com]

12. huhtikuu, 2013 - E1 Studio

Calling all Team Fortress 2 fans!

We noticed how much you like dressing up for your favourite multiplayer frag fest so we made some hats to add to your wardrobe. Our friends who follow us closely will easily recognise them and that’s not all – we have more coming soon!

So head over to the Team Fortress 2 workshop and rate up these hats so that we can all gear up Hoodwink Style

A special thanks to @Veiler Of for sharing the idea with us.
Here are the links and don’t forget to share em’ with your team mates


Have a great weekend!

5. huhtikuu, 2013 - E1 Studio

Introducing the web comic "Global 01 Tales", where you get to decide what happens next!

Based on the citizens of the metropolis Global 01, the setting of Hoodwink; just head down to E1 Studio's Facebook page, "Like" your favourite option in the comments below and we will show you what happens next based on the most popular choice.

What would you do? Decide Here
Votes will be collected on 15 April 2013

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