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October 22, 2018 - Solgryn

New screenshots and gameplay trailer
I've also decided on the official art / cover art for the game which was a huge hurdle.

Other than that, I'm steadily working on the game and I've got the whole game planned out pretty much. Of course there are bugs and such underway, but it should be pretty steady. I'm aiming for mid to late 2019, I just want to be done with the game and then use a lot of time polishing it.

I need to give myself ample time for it, because I'm only 1 person except for Ashton whose doing the music, but he also has other project he has to work on.

I wanted to release the steam store page instead of this greenlight page - I might do that when I'm a bit closer to release.

twitter @grynsoft, @soulgryn

July 13, 2017 - Solgryn

Just wanted to let everyone know I'm indeed still working on this, I mostly update via my Twitter.

Been making a few bosses and polishing the early game as a good "template" for the rest of the game. Making too much placeholdery stuff is bad imo, so I wan't to get the game good from the beginning first. I still have a plan on what to do for the rest of the world, but I just need to actually make it.

The game is also going to be non-linear in the fashion that you can choose which order to defeat most of the bosses in. Designing this way is new to me so I'm putting a bit more thought into it, as Wings of Vi was basically just levels in one big string; there was very minimal backtracking/choice.

Polishing the combat system is also a big task. Although somewhat easy to comprehend and execute, it's pretty complex under the hood; so I keep iteration on it.

Hopefully you're all still looking forward to the game, as I am to releasing it ( ' v')

April 20, 2017 - Solgryn

Yay we did it, thanks for all the votes ( ' v') I'll post some videos here as the game progresses. I don't want to show too much though c;

I sometimes do dev streams and post information about the game on my twitter ->

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