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Jigster - Not Your Mama's Squares!
March 14, 2017 - tyrosr

Jigster Evolves!

When we first launched this Kickstarter we believe we had a complete product, minus the perfect music, however we have received tons of feedback from fans and other interested parties. Seeing this influx of information we got to work adding and refining more gameplay. Jigster was initially planned to have 4 ways to puzzle, now it sports over 11,500 ways to bust jigs. This vastly expanded the number of ways to play, granting players the ability to craft their own puzzling style.

We have moved the timer options into their own section allowing users to play any game mode with or without the challenge of a ticking clock. Additionally, if a game mode is not testing your skills, there are multiple Difficulty Modifiers that can be toggled on or off. One of our favorites is Flashlight mode, were the player can only see the pieces within the limited sight of their flashlight.

Venturing into the world of Desktop has lead to some interesting game evolutions.

Jigster Will Ship

We are so confident in the fact that Jigster will ship on time, anyone pledging the minimum of $5 will receive a copy of the game regardless of this Kickstarter Campaign's outcome.

Jigster's Collection of Puzzles and Musical Options Continue to Expand

We have had several Artist and a few Composers reach out to us about including their work within Jigster. We are very excited to be in talks to feature their work.

One artist in particular has helped us to expand outside of photos and into the world of digital art, Malwina Kwiatkowska.


We have placed some of the questions in the FAQ Section of the Campaign.

Help Us Complete this Puzzle!

February 28, 2017 - tyrosr

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