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New Video + Updated Images!
January 31, 2017 - Baroque Creations

New Video

Some people seem to think that QuadraDigger is a port of a mobile game, so I busted out my gamepad and whipped up a video this morning to show off some high-level playing :) It's the second video in the media bar, or, if you prefer YouTube:

Quadradigger - Q&A, Grandmaster-Level Gameplay

The truth is, this game works great for both desktop and mobile platforms, so we made it for both! On my laptop, it's fun to play longer games, crank the difficulty level all the way up, and push my reflexes to the limit. It's also nice to chill out with some friends and play some co-op. On my morning commute, it's a pretty ideal game for killing some time as I wait for the train.

That being said, this Greenlight page is obviously for desktop versions only, so let's have a conversation about that :)

Newer Screenshots

I've also replaced and updated this page's screenshots with 1280x720 fullscreen images without the control overlay to avoid confusion. The reason it was present before was, honestly, I think it looks cool to help my controls light up as I play - but it pushes the misconception that this is a mobile port, so it's gone!

You've probably noticed how much empty space there is on the left and right sides of the screen. This is something I want to fix by adding additional metrics, achievements, and possibly moving notifications to the side. The game is vertical by nature which makes things difficult, so I'll keep tossing some ideas around.

Feature Discussions

If you'd like to see more desktop-specific features in this game, I've created a discussion thread here:

Desktop Version Changes / Features

Feedback is important and we take it very seriously, so if you have any suggestions, concerns, or notice any glaring errors or omissions, that's the place to put it. I'm addressing all issues directly as fast as I can, so you'll likely see a response quickly.

Thanks, hope that clears some things up :)
-- Simon