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New Dawn
January 10 - e-visualsoft

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October 17, 2017 - e-visualsoft

In NewDawn you will be able to build all kinds of different structures, piece by piece. Everything you build is completely destructive.
To insert a structure, you need to look for Bookbuilding in the villages where the pirates are located.
Parts of buildings will also exist on various levels (Wood, Stone, Lava) that have different visions and offer different levels of defense.
You will be able to update a structure you want. This will give you the options available for the structure to be updated.
You will need the materials you need in your inventory to upgrade any structure.


Please share the project with your friends and help us for the growing of the project!

Good spirits be with you

October 9, 2017 - e-visualsoft

Hello Friends, we worked hard this time to speed up the development of NewDawn. We are pleased to illustrate the progress we have made.


We have worked on various types of pirate swords such as: Cutlass, Spadroon, Rapier, Scimitar. Each sword will have different characteristics, it will be essential to adapt the combat with the type of sword you will use.
You can select the direction of the shot and defense in 3 different ways: High-Middle-Low.
We'll talk about the combat system soon in more detail.


The carriage is used as a means of transport for people and also as a means of storing items, or to transport pirates to make them slaves.
They can be found in many different places all over the map, usually near the pirate villages and can be found with various related, missing parts: Drive - Front Wheel - Rear Wheel - Horsebelts - Horse Joint.
The carriage will have a guard position to defend ourselves from the attacks of the enemies.

Please share the project with your friends and help us for the growing of the project!

Good spirits be with you

July 21, 2017 - e-visualsoft

We are delighted to show you the work done by our artists on male hairstyles to be able to select during the customization of the character.
There will be 4 male and female hairstyles during launch in Early Access.
We are going to add more hair cuts to development, to have a considerable variety of choice.

Good spirits be with you

June 19, 2017 - e-visualsoft

We are delighted to present the Indian woman with her facial paints. Naturally, there will be a chance to customize it, as described in the previous update.

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