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Throne of Lies ♔ The Online Game of Deceit
April 26, 2017 - Imperium42

Here's how:

1. Join our Discord (Required for Alpha/Beta) @

2. Pre-order's for a limited time now come with FREE Alpha/Beta access! You can pre-order now for only $9.99 on our official site @

3. Learn the game @

4. Optionally join our Official Forum @

See you in the Discord #looking-for-game channel!

March 21, 2017 - Imperium42

Time flies; it's been weeks after Throne of Lies Game funded on Kickstarter[].
Thank you again for supporting us reach the goal!

For March, our team is coding full-time & busy preparing to deliver the rewards.
Everything is going well so far, and we later realized we are fast on delivering our game/rewards comparing with other Kickstarter projects, hahaha... But we know some of you have been with us from the very beginning - so we want to make the wait shorter.

All the physical rewards will be sent out before end of March.
You may received it at the beginning of April :)

Here is the new teaser for our Alpha!!

Alpha is just an beginning; we are looking to improve the game for beta and go further with your feedback. For Alpha users, you may to play with some of our bugs haha but it should hopefully be stable!~

Meanwhile, join us on our Discord to share you insights & ideas!

February 25, 2017 - Imperium42

The Online Game of Deceit Also Greenlit On Steam Greenlight~

Imperium42 Game Studio’s upcoming game, “Throne of Lies: The Online Game of Deceit” has been successfully funded on Kickstarter on February 24th, 2016, shortly after being successfully greenlit on Steam.

Throne of Lies is a 3D online-multiplayer social deduction game of lies and deceit, inspired by medieval politics, the Werewolf/Mafia genre and tabletop games. It’s the first indie game of this genre to be produced in full 3D for the Steam platform (PC).

The game’s Kickstarter lasted for 45 days, ending on February 24th, 2017, with 393 backers, totalling $21,795 USD. The most popular backer tier was the $10 tier, which rewards backers with two Steam keys and beta access, resulting in 130 backers total.

Throne of Lies’ Kickstarter page is available at Here

Throne of Lies is expected to release the Alpha version of the game at March 31st, or shortly after. Sign up on Throne of Lies' official website for news updates or Learn how to play early on Wikia:

February 22, 2017 - Imperium42

Wow!! So many new backers, pledge upgrades, and everyone seemingly determined to ensure Throne of Lies will hit goal on Kickstarter![] We also noticed tons of new articles, YouTube videos and supporters all over the place!

Thank you so much everyone - what an emotional ride! We made it!

We surveyed out to tons of people whether they like or dislike the new graphics, and so far it's been about 100% "thumbs up" out of about 100 people.

We decided to go with not only revamped textures, but also new shader! This also means it's way more optimized and should offer a significant boost of performance.

Since this is where most of the game would be played, here are two demo screenshots of the revamped graphics. We hope you enjoy it!

On top of the graphics/shaders upgrade, we also revamping our character models to better reflect the graphical changes so they still fit well. To clarify, although our new graphics and models are more "stylized", the revamped models will not be "cutesy", so to say ;) we'll keep a similar style as to what we showed you, already.

Just like our graphical changes above, we'll continue to take surveys to ensure you guys like them until we get it right! So far we've had very positive feedback!

If you wish to upgrade your tier, no problem: You can upgrade at anytime in 2-clicks! Go back to our Kickstarter page[] >> Click the green "Manage Pledge" button >> Easily upgrade without re-entering card info!

Many others have already joined our Official Forum[] where some mock games are being held as well as discussion, balance, feedback, and more.

You can also crawl inside our head and see what makes Throne of Lies tick by checking our Wikia[] -- this lists every faction, every class, every ability, lore, and even rules/mechanics. Players have already started volunteering to contribute to the Wikia in many other languages!

Also chat with us live on Discord![]

Thank for reading til here :)

February 15, 2017 - Imperium42

The Cult faction presents..

"The Apostle" portrait card, with "Corax: The God of Darkness" lurking in the background (Art by in-house artist, Xed):

After the recent cult mechanics revamp, only one more portrait remains!

Graphics Upgrade!!

We mentioned not to mind our pre-alpha graphics in our main Kickstarter[] page. Well, we're closing in on Alpha (~March 31st) and we already have some new graphics we're just wrapping up. so close to being ready to go! Stay tuned and we'll have a screenshot for you before our Campaign ends in one of our next project updates!

Want to get a sneak-peak before everyone else? We're already showing off our new graphics in the Backers-Only Discord Server!

1) Join our Public Discord[] Server (Live chat app for gamers)

2) @Ping a dev with your Kickstarter username and we'll grant you a special Discord title and invite you to the backers-only server!

We are 76%+ Funded on Kickstarter[] with only few days left! Please support us reach goal!

Whoo~ thank you guys so much for sharing our links, upgrading your pledges, and overall being awesome! We're almost there with 9 days to go. We can make it! A special shout-out to some of our friends and family members that have given way more than we ever thought you guys would.

A double shout-out goes to the high-tier backers -- you guys have so much faith in our game and we won't let you down! Thank you so much... Indie devs remember this stuff.

Not only the high-tier pledges, but everyone -- every single $1 counts towards making our goal, so it's everyone that made a difference! :D

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