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Nightfall Dungeon
Alpha 1.4
April 15 - Anashel

Awakening of the Gods!

The universe of Zarnaah is expanding with new relics that channel the power of old gods. This update introduces 4 new features:


Nightfall Dungeon is full of artifacts. Lucky warriors who have found such artifacts on the first turn will receive the blessing of the gods: the Holy Nova. This powerful blessing reveals all artifacts on the board for a short period of time. But beware, it will also reveal the vicious poison trap.

Players who have looted the Holy Sword know its tremendous power. But rumor has it that looting the Sword on the first turn will reveal the Silver Shield, a powerful artifact that will give you one more turn on your enemy.

Combining three fire items will trigger the Firelord blessing. This blessing will increase by 20 points every turn until you obliterate your enemy.

Sadly, not all gods are merciful and some of these sinister entities prey on the weak. The unlucky warriors who loot three lvl1 relics will draw the attention of the Viper God and will be poisoned for 2 more turns.

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