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Lord of Poker
8 Tháng 6, 2018 - sanja

Hi, Lords!
We are sorry that "Lord Of Poker" is not ready yet.

Lord Of Poker

Do not hesitate ask any questions.

22 Tháng 8, 2017 - all-in

We are excited to tell you that Lord of Poker forum has been launched!
Just go through the link and look at it.
There you can ask any questions about the Lord of Poker game, share your ideas with us and be in touch with our progress.
Looking forward to your comments and questions on the Lord of Poker forum!

Lord of Poker Team.

29 Tháng 12, 2016 - sanja

Hi Everyone! We have great news! The Lord of Poker got Greenlit on Steam! We have been on Steam for 29 days and got it. We are very much thankful to those who voted for the game while we were on Greenlight, helped us spread the word about the game or just wished us the successful outcome. Having gone through the Greenlight made our team stronger and the game better yet still there is much work to be done ahead. We are looking forward to launching demo version of the Lord of Poker accessible on the Web and restarting the Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks. See you at the table in the Tavern in 2017!

Всех приветствуем! У нас отличные новости! Lord of Poker таки покорил Steam Greenlight! Нам понадобилось всего 29 дней, чтобы сделать это! Благодарим всех, кто помогал нам распространять информацию, всех кто голосовал за нас и просто поддерживал морально! Ещё один этап на пути становления игры и нашей команды в целом миновал, далее нас ждет ещё много приключений! Ближайшие из них - это запуск демки LoP и рестарт Kickstarter. Ну а пока, в преддверье Нового года, наш Пьяница поднимает бокал нефильтрованного и ждет вас у себя в Таверне в 2017 году!

21 Tháng 12, 2016 - all-in

The Lord of Poker is not just another hold'em poker room in fantasy setting. It's an original game of its own where poker is the basis but not everything. The game has the plot, heroes are acting in the in-game world scalable to the sizes of Universe. Story line unfolds as a player is moving through playing the main and additional quests.


Lord of Poker не просто очередная игра в покер в фэнтези сеттинге. Это игра со своим собственным миром, который живет по своим правилам. Выполняя сюжетные и побочные квесты, игрок будет погружаться в мир Lord of Poker.

14 Tháng 12, 2016 - all-in

The main in-game currency of The Lord of Poker is gold.
You will need it to enter card combat at any gaming location, buy valuable equipment in the Shop, purchase raw materials and learn skills to craft items at the Forge, and to learn spells in the Magic Guild. Initially a player will receive a certain amount of gold. In case a player loses it all he/she can go to a location called “the Mines” to yield some or purchase the gold for real money.

Gold can be won with victories in card combat, and also for knocking each AI-player off the table. Completing quests very often brings you some coins as well.

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