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Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles Online
Demo Available for Windows!!
November 6, 2016 - Yuan Works

DEMO AVAILABLE for Windows! Click here to download it![]

We guarantee more than a dozen hours of fun in our addictive puzzle game ;)

Also, if you want to help us beta test the Windows version or the Linux/Mac version, please join us on the Discord Yuan Works channel:

Happy puzzle gaming!

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Yuan Works Nov 9, 2016 @ 8:01am 
Wow! Nice.

All of these are great points and we will look into them. Thanks for all the suggestions again! :) Will keep you posted on updates~

Also, notes on how you feel on the balancing as you progress are welcome too.
Hibachi Nov 9, 2016 @ 7:48am 
Hi! I finished the B chapter on the newer build.
Having fullscreen and correct ratio is great.

Now, some stuff :

- You can't insta-quit the game with alt+F4, and escape doesn't open a menu to quit either.
- When you alt+tab the game, it continues running.
- Block objectives : how about having them permanently displayed instead of having to open the help mini screen? There's some unused space in the left.
- Controller support : you could move the configuration in the launcher screen.
- Shop : Once the skit have been viewed once, maybe there's no need to play it again even if you can skip it.

Yuan Works Nov 7, 2016 @ 7:50am 
Hey @Hibachi, thanks for the feedback and for playing it! You're awesome!

We haven't set up the installer version but as mentioned, aspects 1 and 2 have already been fixed, as well as some other small details.

If you don't mind patching it manually, here are the files:

Simply go to the folder you installed it and replace all the files. I would recommend doing a copy of the folder or at least the save file (WindAndWater.esav) just in case, since it's still beta of course.

If all of this is too troublesome, let me know, but as good ratio fullscreen is important, I'd rather you play the fixed version. Cheers!

Also, both of your points are great. It's a great idea to show some basic configuration if a controller is detected for the first time. :)
haschischtasche Nov 7, 2016 @ 5:52am 
@Hibachi, first off, thanks for the response, it's nice to see you're enjoying the game.

1. Aspect ratio in fullscreen is controlled by your graphics card driver. You can alter the settings in your graphics card driver to scale with the correct aspect ratio (or not scale at all) if you want to play in fullscreen. In the current internal build for the steam release fullscreen uses your monitors native resolution and scales the game to the highest pixel perfect resolution, so it is already fixed. Note that you can achieve the same thing with driver settings in the Demo. ;)
2. The counter is already there in the current internal build. :)
I will forward the two last issues you mentioned.
Hibachi Nov 7, 2016 @ 2:29am 
First time player, very early impressions (got through zone A) :
The game is indeed pretty fun.

Here's some little issues though :
- The game can't keep aspect ratio in fullscreen
- Specific to A07 - if you have to clear 30 of each elements, have a counter for each left to clear somewhere
- The game doesn't update the prompt to match the controller's (a basic start / select / A / B prompt would do)
- The battle rules aren't explained (When do the characters attack, what are the stats, so on)