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Wind And Water: Puzzle Battles Online
December 29, 2016 - haschischtasche

If you haven't heard yet, yesterday we got a late christmas present in the form of an email informing us that we've been greenlit. So first of all a big thanks to you and everyone else who was involved in helping us with getting greenlit!


Q: So it's getting a release on Steam now?
Hmm, we gotta fill out some digital paperwork first.

Q: So it's gonna release on Steam soon?
Well, that depends on how you define soon…

Q: So the release is "soonish"?
We haven't exactly implemented everything we want in the game yet…

Q: So there will be a Steam release?
Yes, let's put it that way. We are aiming for a lot more polish on the difficulty curve of the story mode and the balancing of the game modes. And don't forget that creating a worthy online mode for vs. play is no little feat for a small studio like us.
And puzzles, don't forget the huge amount of additional puzzles we still need to create and refine for the puzzle mode!
Oh, and don't forget other things, like a new options menu, graphics, stuff, new story mode levels, new dialogue, hidden cooking recipes, cheat codes, colorblind modes, VR-mode, better multi-platform support, the secret Super Wind&Water Kart game, trading cards, the collectible card game, support for user-made puzzles via the Steam Workshop, low-gravity mode, the mirror-world, the shadow Link boss battle, revamped tutorials, motion controls…
Well, half of those we won't actually do, but the other half needs to be really good and fun. Polish. The last 10% are the hardest.

Q: Only 10% left? Yay!
No! But once we only have 10% left, getting those down to 0% is going to take long. Game development might be a tad more complicated than you think.

Q: Do you have a release date though?
There is a (very) rough date we are aiming for. But for all intents and purposes, the game will be done when it's done. Don't expect it tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow. Just expect it. ;)

Q: Can I help to make it happen sooner?
Glad that you ask. Or wait, you probably didn't because I'm writing the questions myself. Anyways, yes, you can help us by beta-testing. We organize that on the Yuan Works Discord[] over at

November 6, 2016 - Yuan Works

DEMO AVAILABLE for Windows! Click here to download it![]

We guarantee more than a dozen hours of fun in our addictive puzzle game ;)

Also, if you want to help us beta test the Windows version or the Linux/Mac version, please join us on the Discord Yuan Works channel:

Happy puzzle gaming!

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