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Children of the Galaxy
Galaxy, Stars and Planets
November 17, 2016 - Empty Keys

Environment is important part of the game so let me talk about galaxy, stars and planets. Galaxy is generated on the start and can have up to 60 hexes in radius with 120 star systems (this will change with more optimizations in the future). Map has hexagon shape. Every hexagon on map can be explored. 

Star system has one star and up to 10 planets. Number of planets is random based on the mass of the star and size of the system. There can be asteroid belt if star system is big enough. Size (radius) of star system (map) is random too. Map has hexagon shape like galaxy one. 

Every planet has 6 main attributes – Population, Resources, Energy, Production, Research and Intelligence. There are 7 types – Rocky, Desert, Ocean, Gas, Ice, Lava and Iron. Each type has bit different base values and coefficients for main attributes. You can upgrade main attributes by building planet constructions. Number of planet constructions, which you can build, is limited based on the size of the planet.

Planets and asteroids have specific amount of rare resources, which you need to build more advanced planet constructions or star ships. You can get more by colonizing new planet or by building Miner in space to extract them.