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The Maestros
We got Greenlit! what now? [REPOST]
October 14, 2017 - SystenceGames

[Repost from other channels last year >.<]

Last Tuesday, our action/strategy game, The Maestros, was accepted into Steam following 11 days on Greenlight. Copious celebration ensued, and after congratulations, the next words to come (all too soon) from everybody’s mouth are “So what now?”

Here I am trying to shotgun all these celebratory feels, and you just had to go ahead and blindside me with a hard question like that, didn’t you? In all seriousness though, we’ve had our game plan in place for a while now, and we’re stoked to have another “marketing” milestone behind us, with mostly development work on the horizon for a while.

The Maestros has come a long way, but it would be irresponsible to just put the game on Steam tomorrow. Players have certain expectations of games they buy on Steam, and they should! So first, we’ll need to iron out some critical bugs, integrate the important Steam APIs we just got access to, and finish some auxiliary systems like leveling & progression. All at the pace of 6 guys working on their Sunday afternoon off.

What’s this mean for me?
Well, next on the agenda for us is Closed Beta sometime next year. Be sure to sign up on our website. We’ll grant access from there. Leaving it closed just means we get to moderate our server load and test with a capped number of players. After we iron out all the oddities and prove out our servers, there will (finally) be a permanently available game, still in beta, but hopefully available through Steam’s Early Access.

That’s is yet another place where you guys come in. We’ll have a flying plane, (hopefully) free of catastrophic engine failure, and we want your help landing it. Without a community around The Maestros, we don’t know where this game will shine the most. We have ideas, certainly, but we want players to help us find the sweet spot. Things like: “What’s the ideal game mode for this awesome strategy-brawling action to take place?” “Should we add more characters or beef the existing ones up?” etc. can be answered so much better if we have people in the game’s ecosystem. It’s multiplayer after all!

It’s an incredibly humbling experience to take this game from student project project all the way to the largest digital distribution platform, and I can’t wait to play it with you guys next year!