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Update #3 - Q&A
October 5, 2016 - hypeatized

Gojigaboga's greenlight is coming along nicely so far! We've got a lot of questions from you about the game, so we wanted to answer a few of them here. Feel free to ask more questions.

Does the game have jumpscares?
No, not really. We don't think that scripted events happening at a certain locations is a good way to make a horror game. Gojigaboga is not a linear, story-based horror game. We focus more on a creepy atmosphere and interesting enemy interaction in an open world where the player makes the choices.

How do the enemies behave?
The enemies in Gojigaboga have an advanced AI that lets them wander around the building, open doors etc. When they spot a player they will pursue the player until the player is dead or until they lose track of the player. If they lose track of the player the enemy will start searching for the player, this includes opening closets and looking through windows etc. This is the standard AI pattern, each enemy type has some extra finesse added to this that we won't tell you =)

How do permadeath work in Gojigaboga?
Read our Update #1 - Permadeath

What parts are generated?
Spawn location, loot, doors, room illumination, some walls and furniture are randomly generated. The overall layout of the building will stay the same though.

What platforms will you support?
PC, Linux (and SteamOS), Mac. We haven't tested on all of these platforms yet, but it should work.