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The Krucer Parallax
February 22, 2017 - zenorf

Decided to add the first pass of the other KTC fighter that was recently finished. It's a more modern version of the old but reliable W100 in the picture before.

February 15, 2017 - zenorf

Sorry for not updating much recently. So I added 3 new ships. They need a little detail work on the textures but the designs are solid.

September 22, 2016 - zenorf

Just a quick note or two.

Q: Why does the game look like a Star wars rip-off.
A: The ships and symbols are just placeholder. They are actually styled off Ralph Mcqaurry art specifically rather than Star wars. That ship in the image is a cross between an X-wing and a BSG Viper. The idea is to show potentially interested people that you will be able to make whatever you like. Watch this space for a new video later with a different style soon.

Q: Why does it all look a bit messy?
A: This game has only been in development for a short while. We want to get through greenlight now, to reach out to get players and modders interested in being involved with the development of both the game and the tools for their own ideas.

Q: When is the release date.
A: No idea. We'll release early access at a very low price when we have some basic tools for people to play with and some decent example ships/missons/weapons for people to play with. The price will start very low at no more than a few dollars, and then go up as more features are developed for users.

Q: What if I just want to hate on the Devs for valid reason X Y or Z.
A: Guess that's your right. Maybe I should have made a more explanatory video saying why things currently look the way they do. I'm only human.

Hope that helps.

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