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Arakion: Book One
Feature | The Satyr
May 12, 2017 - Lavidimus

Hey everyone!

Some quick news, Arakion has a tentative release of early June, I'm trying to get it out as quickly as possible but things generally end up taking longer than expected. I'll hopefully be able to post a release date announcement soon. There is a checklist of things I've been going over including making sure saving functions (see Prey) on all machines. I want your playtime in Arakion to be fun, seamless and bug-free to reflect the experience that's intended.

Because there are so many new and awesome features and bug fixes to go over since my last update, for the sake of settling back into the rhythm of things, today I'll be going over Arakion's updated character creation and Satyr race!

The character creation has been modified to be easier to use and look visually more appealing, you can see a preview of it in the video provided.

The Satyr

Satyrs were little-known before the Sky War in Arakion. During the war, they stepped up and became a valuable asset to overcome the Fae. Altruistic in nature, they have near human-like adaptability and this quickly catapulted them to a Great-Race status. As many races vie to replace Humans on the western continent, more and more people look to the Satyr to lead the future.

The video previews Western Satyr, smaller and more slender than the other races of Arakion, they make up for this by having high adaptability, a stealth-like presence, and unsurpassed vigilance. The Satyr race starts with slightly less Health and Strength but drastically increased Vigilance, making them ideal ranged weapon users, lock-pick specialist and trap disablers.

That's it for today, but a lot of updates will be coming soon. Back to work on Arakion for me and I hope you all have a wonderful day!